What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a voice message feature that a caller can leave when the person is unable to take the call. In brief, it is a centralized electronic system that stores messages from the callers.

It might sound similar to an answering machine. The main difference between a voicemail and an answering machine is that, the voice messages are stored in the service provider’s server instead of the answering machine.

Why voicemails are beneficial?

Any company small or big can benefit from voicemail services. It helps you to record a message which you can attend later. You can also record your own custom greetings for the callers. Voicemail lets you connect with customers from different time zones.


XenVoice’s Greetings feature allows you upload audio messages, music, and menus to be played in your voicemail system. The caller can also record messages, which you can check later on.

It allows you to upload and play useful information such as latest industry, new product/ service launches or any important information your customers need to know.

How to setup voicemail service?

You can easily setup the voicemail service from the Call Settings section of your XenVoice account. You may please check how to activate voicemails in XenVoice.