What is an extension?

An extension is generally a 4 digit number which allows you to internally dial and connect to another caller. To simplify, a phone number is the main contact number which a customer dials to reach your organization, whereas an extension is a more focused part of your organization. The customer can reach a specific department by dialing your main number followed by an extension.

The customers don’t have to dial a different number to reach another department as it allows you to transfer a call from one extension to another. Employees can also call each other by dialing a particular extension.

What does unlimited extension mean you?

XenVoice offers unlimited number of extensions to its customers. Every employee located within your office or distributed across different office locations in the US/ Canada can be provided with an extension. You can add multiple number of extensions at an additional cost.


It also allows you to add extensions to all departments with facilities like call-forwarding, on-hold, custom greetings, and voicemail. In XenVoice, admins can assign extensions to other users and can check the call details of any particular extension.

Every extension number corresponding to your account can be managed with your own settings that allow you to route calls to multiple destinations such as smartphone, home/ office phone, or any location in the US/ Canada.