What is number porting?

Number porting is the process of transferring a phone number from one telephone service provider to another.

Why number porting is crucial to your business?

Opting for a VoIP phone number essentially means that you are moving out from your existing service provider. In this situation, keeping the existing phone number is the biggest challenge. A new business phone number might lead to confused customers, losing future business references, and reprinting your existing business cards and brochures.

Number portability is a service with which you can change the existing telecom carrier while keeping the same phone number.


How to port your existing number to XenVoice?

Porting your current number to XenVoice is a simple process. You can easily do so from your XenVoice account. Please refer to this article for a better understanding.

How long does number porting take?

The amount of time it takes is different for different service providers. In XenVoice, it will take upto 15 working days to complete the process. Port your number today to experience the new age business phone system.