XenVoice & Zendesk Integration – Unbound the Benefits…!

If you are a manager of a firm, and you believe best customer relations/experience forms the basis for all your business decisions, then this test is for you (Exhibit 1). Listed out here are the 4 simple questions, (based on your help desk personnel and their execution strategy) all you need to do is tick the checkbox.

Exhibit 1: Quick Test for Better Customer Experience
Sl # Question Yes No
1 Have you witnessed a ‘log of long wait’ when your customer care executives search for tickets?
2 When it comes to calling…what’s the quality of voice best or poor?
3 Are your executives checking out for customer information on typical manilla folders?
4 How about phone dialing…still Manual?

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If you tick all of them as No, then nothing like it, but all of them or any one of them is Yes then your business needs a serious overhaul. Despite your association with the best CRM solutions provider, do you get to see the same difference? So you’ve not tried Zendesk! Integrating your Zendesk CRM applications with cloud-based VoIP Business Phone is all you needed to make a huge difference to your customer relations.

With this service integration with cloud-based VoIP hosting solutions, you can bank upon the automation you needed. For instance, with just a few strokes on the keyboard, you would be able to sync with the contact, can dial him/her then and there, can keep a record of call logs, extracting the information of the customer in a jiffy…if you connect the dots, it’s pretty evident that your workflows are streamlined to make your job easy and serve the customer in a unique way at the same time enhance efficiency as well.

Benefits of VoIP Business Phone integration with Zendesk CRM Platform

Feature rich Call Screen Pop-ups:

Knowing the customer is easy now! Because the incoming and outgoing calls made by the customer care executives bring in on-screen notifications from which one can derive who as well as why a prospect or a customer is calling.

Call Tracking & Monitoring through Logging:

Calls are tracked & stored which hit the Zendesk contact and are logged automatically. With this, a record of calls is being maintained to assess the interactions between the help desk executives and customers only to bring in the best quality and unique customer service.

Call Recording & Statistics:

The quick and accurate data related to all the calls, which are integrated with Zendesk notes can be not only accessed quickly but also provide a strong base for analytical research for better efficiency.

In Sync with New Contacts:

It may be new customers or new prospects, a new contact info is synced with Zendesk the moment your help desk executives receive a call from the help desk, mobile or phone.

 In this way, the integration of XenVoice VoIP cloud-based phone system integration with Zendesk CRM platform can bring wonders to your business. The huge data compiled can be accessed by your company across the globe whenever…wherever. With this data, the workflows can be automated & streamlined for a better customer experience & multi-fold the profits.

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