XenVoice Integrations with Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp

VoIP integrations

VoIP is a cost-effective communication system telephony which is a great replacement for the traditional phone system. As this is a cloud-based system, it can take more advantages from various other applications which are cloud-based. This can be done by VoIP integration.  With the various software and applications available, VoIP integration with these will make sure the company’s productivity boosts and takes new heights.

Many VoIP integrations are for CRMs and ERPs which make a smoother workflow. The data exchange between the two systems will increase efficiency and will also improve the management of the routine tasks of the employees.

XenVoice VoIP Integrations

XenVoice integrates with various everyday apps and enhances its capabilities. With VoIP integrations, the company can maximize its productivity and efficiency.

  • Eliminate switching of applications for various daily tasks
  • Get unified data at one place and make decisions quicker
  • Enhance employee productivity by advance properties from VoIP integrations
  • Automate your insights on calls and access sales data instantly
  • Collaborate with your teams almost immediately.
  • Enhance customer relations by providing quick delivery and continuous support.

XenVoice Integration for Slack

Collaborate with your teams and enhance your productivity with Slack VoIP integration. Arrange meetings and contact with your teammates XenVoice provides mobile application wherein the user can contact teammates from mobile phone itself.

Support Slack functions and drive productivity across all systems collectively.


  • Automate your tedious tasks and connect with your team. With Slack VoIP integration, add the efficiency your company needs.
  • Get instant data on customers, issues, and other crucial information on your fingertips. This enhances the customer’s experience when dealing with issues.
  • No more switching between applications for the whole day, with VoIP integration, integrate all your apps and have a unified data from all the applications collected at one place.

XenVoice Integration for Skype

The reliability of VoIP within your Skype application is now possible. Seamlessly work o skype with VoIP integrations and simplify your workflow. XenVoice makes it easier for your teams to access the call data without much ado.


  • As Skype is an application used by almost every business, why not integrate it with your own XenVoice and reap the benefits.
  • Have the flexibility you need for your business growth with features like call transfer, forwarding and missed calls services. The VoIP integrations with skype give you the features of VoIP you need in your Skype account.
  • Get call notifications and instant text messages in your Skype account when you are getting any business call on your XenVoice account.

XenVoice Integration for WhatsApp

Everyone today users WhatsApp. From oldies to teens and fro CEOs to his workers. This caters to the need of VoIP integration for a communication system where everyone is on the same platform. Get instant notifications of all your business communications from your XenVoice VoIP.


  • Using WhatsApp for marketing, customer support and even team collaboration are innovative ideas that can be used as a form of communication. Now think of getting business text and call notification on the same platform where you are online almost the whole day.
  • You will have instant access to the call data and post-call events when you integrate WhatsApp with XenVoice VoIP.


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