XenVoice Integration with Hubspot – Multiply Your Lead Generation Power

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From small businesses to enterprises, sales calls are of utmost importance. The sales process has evolved a lot in the past and the sales teams are facing many challenges to cope with that.

Hubspot offers sales and marketing software solutions that help you to attract more website visitors, turn them into leads and finally converting them into your customers.

Integrating Hubspot with XenVoice, the new-age business phone system, allows your sales and support team to work from a single interface and make the most out of every call.

How XenVoice Integration with Hubspot Can Benefit You?

There are multiple benefits of integrating XenVoice with Hubspot.

Message/ Make Calls from Hubspot

Integrating Hubspot with XenVoice will allow you to make and receive calls directly from your Hubspot account. You can also send and receive messages with just a simple click.

With XenVoice Post Call Events feature you can even see the complete details for every call including received, made, missed calls, messages, voicemail etc.

Track Important Notes

The Hubspot XenVoice integration allows you to view every interaction you make with your customers and keep a track of the important ones.

Access Voicemails

The voicemail service of XenVoice allows the customers to record voice messages in case they are not able to contact you when called. So that you can access those voicemail messages from Hubspot itself.

Sync Your Contacts

This Hubspot VoIP integration makes sure that all your Hubspot contacts are synced in XenVoice. This ensures that all your contacts are saved for future reference.

Track Missed Calls

Integrating your cloud phone system with Hubspot will allow you to get an instant alert whenever you miss a call. You can directly call back those numbers without leaving the Hubspot platform.

How to Integrate Hubspot with XenVoice?

You can integrate Hubspot with XenVoice through Zapier. This online task automation tool integrates your favorite apps and helps you to automate the everyday repetitive tasks of your business.

XenVoice Integration with Zapier

To integrate XenVoice with Zapier, you need to generate a unique key. This unique key can be generated from your XenVoice Account Settings.

In Zapier account, the user creates a trigger which will push the data to the concerned file. You can follow the Zapier integration from here to complete the process.

Zapier Integration with Hubspot

You don’t need any coding knowledge to integrate Zapier with Hubspot. Simple yet highly efficient workflows called Zaps are created to connect your apps and automate the tasks in the background.

Check out this article from Hubspot to know the integration process in detail.

Wrapping Up

XenVoice integration with Hubspot allows your sales team to keep a track of all the important conversations they make with the customers. Also, it increases the chance of acquiring more leads as no business call is ever missed. Integrate XenVoice with Hubspot today and generate more leads from your sales calls.

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