Why Businesses Shift To VoIP Telephony

Switching from Traditional to VoIP

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a kind of telephone service that utilizes the internet for broadcasting call data rather than PSTNs. Basically, the internet data is used for making phone calls.

While VoIP services are still developing and growing, they are now widely popular thanks to the wide collection of benefits they offer. In fact, many people are deciding to switch from an analog phone system to a VoIP system for both residential use and business use.

Selecting any latest technology can be a demanding possibility, especially when it needs such a strong shift in work management, and so broadly expands the capabilities open to a company or different organization. The companies selecting VoIP as their business communication system will reap infinite benefits which can be as follows:

Benefits of switching to VoIP

Less maintenance

Commonly speaking, VoIP phone services are significantly more affordable than traditional PSTNs.

Maintain a VoIP system doesn’t require much of a work. VoIP has many advantages but to reap those advantages, it should be updated from time to time. This doesn’t require much maintenance costs. The only thing you need to maintain is your network hardware. This involves all the equipment you require for the Internet connection and internal data network. Modems, routers, repeaters, cables and other hardware will demand replacement or repairs every so frequently.

These days largest of these elements also have software updates which improve security or add features following their purchase. You may require a security management plan and assigned IT staff just to maintain the firmware updates and security patches.

Number portability

By porting your number, you can use your existing number and can change your carrier or your VoIP solution provider. Most VoIP providers charge the customer for porting, but XenVoice has a free number porting feature which allows users to port their number to XenVoice for free.

Get benefitted with the top features from XenVoice for free. The features include tiered pricing, post-call features, 1000+ application integrations through Zapier and a lot more.

Technological update to company

With technological advancement, VoIP solutions are continuously progressing and coming up with features which are new to the market. These features make up the biggest evolution in the business communication market and in VoIP industry in particular.

Some VoIP phone services like XenVoice offer a voice-to-text history of your incoming voicemail messages, enabling you to get emails about the calls you missed. Additionally, VoIP services are exceptional for conference calls. XenVoice will be soon introducing the conference calling feature which will of great help to companies for communicating.

Choose XenVoice as your VoIP provider

Most unlimited plans from different VoIP providers go used; 80% to be precise. XenVoice provides tiered pricing which can save up to 50% of your phone bills. This means that you can out the saved costs to more efficient use for the company.

Our user-friendly cloud-based VoIP solution is much less valuable to work than good old phone lined and wired telephone system.


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