Why Businesses Abandoning Traditional Communication System in Favor of VoIP

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When was the last time you saw an employee using the traditional phone to make calls to a customer or client? We think, once in a blue moon, you might see those scenarios. Want to know the reason behind why most of the business ditching their traditional phone lines in favor of VoIP, then this blog is the must-read for you.


VoIP, commonly known as ‘voice over IP’ and Internet telephony, is a method of making voice or video calls through the ‘Internet’. Using VoIP (stands for Voice over Internet Protocol), one can make phone calls without using the traditional phone lines (analogue lines).

There are numerous advantages of utilizing VoIP. It’s very cost-effective than typical telephone lines once it has been set up. Some of the VoIP service providers (such as XenVoice) offering free registration, so that users can pay for only what they use and no need of paying an additional amount for signing up or registration.


In the hectic schedule, making a task conveniently is nothing less to a luxury. With VoIP, users can track their call activity and view billing information. Enjoy world-class voice and messaging services within multiple channels such as Skype, Slack, Browser and more. Track all your call data in 1000 plus applications and get notified of important updates on your preferred channel.


Work from Anywhere, either it’s on your couch while watching Netflix. Make and accept calls from any location at any time – Communicate on your commute.


It protects your communications over the entire transmission journey. Each and every single communication goes through the layers of validation, interfacing specifically to the established carrier lines.

Cut-down Costs

Organizations can chop down an enormous measure of cash on their month to month telephone benefit by dropping customary telephone administration and switching to VoIP. Over 80% of unlimited calling plans go unused, so pay only for what you use.

Wherever you go – Never miss a call

You can get your call steered to your work area, your smartphone or the workplace you work from wherever that might be. Calls are astutely sent to your accessible area. Presently you don’t miss any critical calls or come back to the workplace to a huge amount of voice messages.

If your organization has not yet begun making the switch to VoIP from the traditional phone system, then it is the time to move and upgrade your business communication system to increase productivity. While searching for VoIP providers, start with XenVoice to not waste your precious time.


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