What Is IVR And How Is It Beneficial To Your Business?

We are all familiar with that attractive voice directing us to “Press 1 for English and 2 for Sales Services”, but several managers, organizers, and CEOs don’t realize the value that this simplistic tool will yield to their business. In this blog, we explain what IVR is and how it is beneficial to businesses.


The Interactive voice response is an automatic phone system that communicates with callers, collects data and directs calls to the relevant receivers. An IVR system allows a blend of telephonic input and keypad selection and gives the relevant answers in the form of voice, fax, callback, email, and other communication methods.

Using IVR Beneficial for Business

IVR system does streamline your business process and business communications allowing you to provide an amazing customer experience and save costs. Below are the benefits that IVR provides to businesses.

Improve the first call experience

Rather than a blank sound, impress your customers with a welcoming tone which will instantly change their mood. A frustrated customer may end up being a pleased one and can even praise and review you online if the call is handled appropriately. IVR ensures a satisfied customer which indicate more referrals and decreased churn rates!

Ease and Accessibility

IVR provides the ease and accessibility a company needs in terms of the communication system. In reality, call centers and other customer service industries do not really need a human agent to answer all the calls. For routine and mundane tasks these companies can have an IVR system which direct calls for balance inquiry, outstanding bills or any other information.

Build a better company image

‘Image’ is Everything’ or Is It? Yes, it is. At least in the Online Reputation Management of a company which attends its clients and rely on an online image for building trust and loyal customers. SMBs and startups can create a greater and more professional image by using IVR. IVR systems build a professional icon for the company without any investments but do provide profits.

Save on operational costs

Replace your receptionist with a system which is more reliable and affordable. IVR system can be your receptionist which is available 24×7 which responds immediately to the customer calls. This is possible in the case where there is no critical thinking like frequently asked queries or common requests made by the callers.

Automate your processes

With IVR systems, a company can automate this calling process and give a customer the experience like never before. From instant reach to zero human interaction, the companies can automate their processes and move their operations towards improvement. This way the workforce needn’t deal with monotonous workload every day. The company can utilize the workflow for more crucial commitments.

Unlimited Customer Access

IVR systems are constantly accessible to customers despite time or day. While office hours, holidays, and breaks record and limit employee availability, IVR systems are always at the customer’s end. Although the possibility of dealing with automation may again appear off-putting to some, these systems are available, even when a live representative is not. Hence, customers can receive service whenever they need it. While the option of having a live representative may still be pleasing to some, it can be extended with an IVR system; however, with the system, the customers will have unlimited access to your company.

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