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Every business necessitates an efficient internal connection between staffs and external connection to branch offices and clients for information sharing. VoIP telephony uses internet technology to communicate voice, fax, video, messaging and data movement rather than the traditional PSTN making it a cost-effective way to place business phone calls.

Companies can use VoIP Solution to interact internally and between branch offices regardless of the geographical location, for free, thereby saving money. Unlike the traditional phone system, which holds high equipment and maintenance charge, VoIP uses your existing network infrastructure for the connectivity.

There are numerous benefits of using VoIP telephony, which include its added features, easy setup, low-cost hardware and software, no geographic limits, unification of voice, fax & text messaging, and cost savings. VoIP telephony is capable of usability in different industries. Below we explain each industry usage and how it will help in improving the ROI.

VoIP telephony in the Transport Industry

A dispersed staff is common in transport businesses; the needs of mobile communications are essential for managing office staff and on-the-road staff connected. For a mobile-driven and flexible VoIP telephony, that increases customer satisfaction and task performance businesses turn to XenVoice. With a VoIP telephony, you will have phone calls responded in an expert and cost-effective way.

Mobile and VoIP telephony is a need for transportation and other logistics companies with abilities to keep both office staff and drivers connected. The precise tracking of business operations considerably influences customer satisfaction. The different demands of businesses in the transportation sector can only be satisfied by a compliant, secure communication system. This can also assist in the tracking of vehicles and delivery in case of accidents.

VoIP telephony in the Education sector

VOIP is very important for educational institutes because the school might have a huge stretch of land with different buildings, sites & campuses. Shifting your school phone system to a VoIP telephony can help you modify and develop.

VOIP provides administrators, teachers, and parents access to a broad diversity of application features for extra fruitful collaboration. For instance, a primary school has groups of Admin Staff & teachers just like every business environment, there is a need for internal & external communication to enhance productivity, reduce costs with added security.

With VoIP telephony, admin staff will not have a hard time reaching the parents about things regarding their children. Likewise, parents can reach school administrators easily.

VoIP telephony in the Healthcare Industry

VOIP is the process to work for hospital staffs that operate on aggressive and time-sensitive conditions.

  • Smooth communication between patients & hospital staffs is viable.
  • Increased privacy and reduced staff movement for various advice on medical conditions.
  • In case of emergency, patients have a designated number to call for an urgent response.
  • Doctors and nurses needn’t give their private numbers to patients and still be available on their extensions constantly
  • Call recording feature for training purposes and other important aspects

VoIP telephony in Banking Industry

“Customer Service” is of prominent concern in today’s business. Banks usually have a customer service center for handling customer queries and requests. Here they can use VoIP features like IVR system, auto-attend, or can just route calls to the next available executive.  As a necessity, VOIP provides call record option to the center calls for quality and intimate purposes.

A VoIP system gives the quality, adaptability, and security that business needs. In the banking industry, changing to a VoIP telephony is not only about the economies but also about the features it provides. One of the several advantages VoIP offers the banking industry is the potentiality of having a branch-to-branch interaction system without having to spend for every single call.

VoIP telephony in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel executives & staffs can be capable to reach from anywhere using voice, fax & text messaging, regardless of their location. The hospitality staff can use VoIP features like IVR system, auto-attend, to attend clients and customers and thus calls can respond professionally.

Features like Voicemail, IVR, call recording, etc. bring in the ROI for the hotel and thus managing calls in a more professional way. The hotel management will never miss a client call because the auto-attend feature will take client calls even during off hours.

If a hotel has several branches, VOIP can be expanded so that staffs & employees can interact seamlessly and free of charge using their present communications solution.

Integrating VOIP Telephony in the hotel is a Value Added Service that will interest the business class customers. Facilities like a computer system with facilities like the internet, printer, fax & telephone system can be given to business class customers, which will be an add-on to improve business class loyalty.


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