VoIP Telephony a Holy Grail for the Start-Ups? – Case B – The Solution

Industry insiders opine that the communication/telecom strategy of the startups’ should be planned in advance keeping in mind the nature of the business, the expansion thereof, the go to market strategy for different markets etc., & the scalability issues. No matter your business is customer oriented or client oriented what makes the difference is the real-time access to data across your business units. VoIP technology solutions are competent enough which can bring in that paradigm shift. Here’s an account of how a cloud-based VoIP hosting services empower startups’ with its incredible features to devise a robust telecom strategy.

Enduring Phone Numbers – No more Ruckus of Residential Numbers

VoIP technology enables startups’ with permanent phone numbers, irrespective of their location or their mobility to relocate. For instance, numbers for any US geographic area code can be applied to a VoIP business phone system and voila! Any startup can publish/advertise all the phone numbers that specify their presence in the areas that they wish to work in

Cracking the ‘Lock in Contract’ Conundrum with Call Diversions

‘Lock in Contract’ conundrum be cracked and explore new avenues with Cloud-based VoIP systems as it allows call diversions seamlessly to one or a group of telephone extensions with its unique Direct Dial Inward numbers. This phenomenon enables you to have more permanent phone numbers than lines, which makes you focus on different customers/ prospects differently by diverting their calls to specific staff to address their issues

Mitigating the Scalability Issues Seamlessly

The advantage of VoIP Phone systems is they are cost effective and can be installed over existing computer networks seamlessly, which never demands a disruption on the fronts of work as well as logistics. Its cloud-based and can be integrated & deployed on to existing broadband services sans major effort. This entire exercise will not cost your time as it’s seamless and will not have an adverse effect on your operations

Start-Up Size Doesn’t Matter – Small is Big

No matter how small your startup is, cloud VoIP providers make sure that it appears big and sophisticated. This happens with its customer diversity in accessing different staff and different parts of business at different places. The auto attendant can take this to next level as VoIP business phone provides an option with greetings where sales team can have different greetings when compared to marketing or customer support teams

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