3 Reasons For Investing in VoIP Phone Systems

The reasons why Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are the best choice for your business are likely obvious enough that they drove you to this article. Both small and large businesses are being pushed toward cloud solutions, like IP phone services, to enhance productivity and cut costs.

Business VoIP providers are an important opportunity for businesses of all sizes to unlock their full potential. Although every technology comes with advantages and disadvantages, the obvious advantages of internet telephony are hard to ignore.

VoIP Telephone Systems Require Zero Hardware

Consider landline telephones and visits from the phone technician a thing of the past! No physical hardware is required for VoIP business services. Without the need for phone hardware or telephone cables, your business can be up and running with an IP phone system in no time.

No need to purchase equipment, pay a technician, or wait on the installation. All you need is a laptop, tablet, mobile device, and your VoIP service provider’s application to get started.

VoIP Telephone Systems Work from Anywhere

How many times do you run out to lunch with colleagues and return to numerous missed phone calls? You are not alone. Traditional, landline phone systems constrain employees and businesses by requiring constant attention to desk phones to send and receive calls.

With internet phone providers, location does not matter. There is no need to be tied to a single phone line from exactly 9 AM to 5 PM. As long as your business and its employees have access to a solid internet connection, VoIP telephone services allow calling, texting, and faxing from anywhere in the world.

Simply download or log in to your VoIP service provider’s application, ensure a solid internet connection, and begin communicating!

VoIP Telephone Systems Save Money

As mentioned before, the initial setup costs for the phone over internet services are typically much less than a traditional phone system. There is no need for phone lines, equipment, and other maintenance costs. Since VoIP networks work from your company’s internet connection, your business saves money by only having to deal with one bill for both internet and IP phone services.

Many calls from PC to PC are free with a solid internet connection, while phone over internet calls to landline systems typically have a cost associated (VoIP phone providers typically still charge much less than traditional phone companies).

XenVoice, one of the best VoIP services for business, offers tiered pricing plans that allow you and your business to choose IP phone services that best fit your needs. No need to pay for features you do not need – simply choose the XenVoice plan that works best for you and the plan can grow to fit your phone over internet needs.

While over 80% of unlimited, traditional phone plans go unused – get started with XenVoice and their tiered pricing plans starting as low as $4.99/month.

XenVoice makes it easy to move away from traditional phone systems and toward VoIP phone solutions. Choose a tiered pricing plan, login, and begin communicating via your browser, mobile app, or desktop computer or phone today!

Check out the XenVoice website: https://www.xenvoice.com
Give us a call: 1-855-777-3799
Send us an email: support@xenvoice.com

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