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More and more businesses are making the switch from traditional landline business telephones to internet phone providers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has many modern advantages.

However, many businesses are still on the fence about whether it is the right decision for their business. We want to help debunk the top 3 biggest myths surrounding the switch from traditional phone providers to IP phone systems.

My Business is Too Big or Small for VoIP Services

When it comes to internet telephony, size truly does not matter. VoIP systems have the capability to add or remove users and features as your business grows. As your business grows in office size or employee numbers, business VoIP services can grow alongside your business. Even better? Adding or removing users or features from your VoIP service provider is easy – simply change your plan to add and remove services and people as you see fit.

My Business Cannot Afford VoIP Services

Another popular myth about internet phone providers surrounds the cost associated with making the switch. Since phone over internet services are so modern and easy to use, it is easy to assume they are also expensive. Luckily, the opposite is true! VoIP phone services take only a computer, mobile device, and working internet connection to function.

Due to this, businesses who make the switch see a dramatic drop in set-up costs, maintenance costs, equipment needs, and monthly phone bills. You can kick your traditional telephone systems to the curb, knowing your business will save money and time switching to internet phone lines.

My Business Needs Features VoIP Services Do Not Provide

To be honest, change is hard. You may know your traditional phone lines very well and know how the process works. The idea of switching to modern VoIP phone technology is a little scary. What if it is hard to use? What if it does not come with the features you need? Fortunately, business VoIP services provide features above and beyond traditional landline phone systems.

After a quick and easy setup, your business can begin using the phone over internet services. Get ready to enjoy features such as an auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail to email, conference calling, and more. To make this deal even sweeter, you can use all of these features from anywhere in the world with your computer, mobile device, and a solid internet connection.

VoIP internet phone providers are not too good to be true. Many businesses are making the switch for a reason – or many good reasons! VoIP service providers guarantee easy setup, reasonable pricing, features above and beyond your traditional landline phone system, and allow you to grow IP phone systems with your business.

XenVoice, one of the best business VoIP providers, even offers tiered pricing plans that allow you to create and choose phone over internet features and plans that work for your business. No need to pay for plans and functionality that you do not need! XenVoice plans start as low as $4.99/month. Partner with XenVoice’s leading VoIP solutions professionals to get started today.


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