VoIP Services is not about making Old Fashion Calls Cheaper!!

Is your Business plaguing with these pertinent questions and keeping you in a catch 22 situation?? [Exhibit I]

Exhibit I
1)    If I don’t pick up my office phone, route the caller to my voice mail.

2)    If the caller is my boss, forward the call to my cell phone, unless it’s the weekend or after 8 pm.

3)    If the caller is an important customer, forward the call to my assistant, Diane. If she’s not available, put the caller through to my voice mail, but send me an instant-message alert.

4)    If I don’t pick up my voice mail in an hour, forward a copy to me as an e-mail attachment.

5)    If it’s John calling, check my calendar to see whether I’m in a marketing team meeting in the conference room; if so, conference John into the session.

Source: (“Using VoIP to Compete”, Kevin Werbach, https://hbr.org/2005/09/using-voip-to-compete)


Success in this fast-moving environment requires the ability to react quickly. It requires that your processes be integrated, re-engineered and optimized. An effective communication system should be in place which is tech savvy as well as cost effective! XenVoice is adept at providing you the VoIP Phone Services you are looking for

XenVoice Difference!

What makes XenVoice to break the clutter and provide Best VoIP services is that…there’s a huge potential in turning your speech into digital data packets that can be stored, searched, manipulated, copied, combined with other data, and distributed to virtually any device that connects to the Internet. It’s beyond making old-fashioned calls cheaper![1]

XenVoice helps social as well as business organizations improve their financial outcomes making a mark as cutting edge Business VOIP Providers. Our Software Engineers know their craft and have a fair understanding of Cloud VOIP Solutions, call channel management and utilization skills which allows them not only to manage Voip Phone Service based on a sound IT platform, but also makes business sense.

[1] (“Using VoIP to Compete”, Kevin Werbach, https://hbr.org/2005/09/using-voip-to-compete)


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