VoIP Integrations for Better Customer Relation

“Next to talking to your customers face-to-face, a phone call is the best way to connect with them on a personal level”

In today’s increasingly competitive business scenario market leaders and key decision makers are forced to introduce technological breakthroughs in their legacy business processes to actuate high efficiency and market growth. Although enterprise technologies like cloud platforms and VoIP business phone systems have adequately helped business houses to excel in their particular service domain, there still remain few areas of customer servicing in which businesses can invest.

One highly competent way of improving work process and customer relationships is to get involved on a deeper service level with customers and drive them through the sales process.

To sustain in the modern enterprise space, businesses need to strengthen their customer relationship archetype, which in turn would help to develop increased business efficiency and customer experiences.

Talking with Customers on the Telephone is Much More Personal

Unlike traditional times, businesses today need to go beyond conventional marketing and business methods to explore better ways of personally serving their clientele.

Despite the fact that technological solutions have majorly uplifted enterprise work process, VoIP phone services can enable businesses to open up to better customer interaction and servicing which would ultimately lead to improved customer experiences and ROI.

How VoIP Integration builds up better customer relationships

XenVoice’s enterprise-grade solutions allow modern SMEs and startups to integrate their VoIP-based business phone system with popular CRM like Salesforce and Zendesk.

By integrating business-critical work processes with XenVoice’s cloud-based VoIP server, enterprises get an edge across their established and prospective customer market and improve revenue generation capabilities to a major extent.

Few benefits of integrating IP-based business telephony into the critical business process are:

Know more about your customer

A direct connection with a prospective client will always carry higher conversion chances than indirect communication. Sales and marketing professionals often highlight the benefits of voice communication and how important it is to keep track of such interactions for ultimate productivity.

By integrating important business platforms with online VoIP, businesses can better analyze customer information which can be used to improve the customer experience.

Provide an experience worth remembering

By employing IP-telephony systems businesses can easily understand its customer needs in real-time and work on service strategy to gain better business.

Integrating VoIP system with popular CRM solutions, employees get more appropriate customer information, which they can use to deliver higher quality servicing to their clients.

By platform integration, gaining actionable insights becomes far more conceivable, ensuring a better sense of requirement analysis and customer satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency and Management

VoIP-integration is not just limited to effective customer servicing but also provides key decision makers and managers to analyze employee performance and implement required improvements across their respective teams. By integrating CRM with VoIP servers, account managers can gain employee performance metrics in real-time to greatly optimize team performance in real-time.

With XenVoice integration platform, businesses can actuate effective communication solutions with immediate and easy information access for all its employees.

Employees can access this information from their preferred device, allowing them to stay productive even beyond office space.

Best intel = Best outcome

VoIP telephony not only elevates overall customer experience but also helps the employees stay productive and proactive in their respective field.

In today’s progressive market scenario, end-customers are more inclined towards value-based services and tech like online VoIP can effectively enable business employees to serve the same.

XenVoice business solutions are designed specifically to make VoIP communication easy and affordable for emerging business firms.

With an extensive scope of platform integration, XenVoice stands as the most comprehensive new age business communication system that integrates an entire range of business communication platforms to allow optimize their customer interactions and generate potential leads.

By having single-window access to all the necessary customer information, employees can personalize their customer interaction and deliver high-value service for customers and potential leads.

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