VoIP for a workplace at home and work from home option

Work from home is a great option! It gives you the ease you do not get at office premises. It is not just about the ease it is more about the income of people and why they prefer working from home.

The number of people working from home has increased to its highest since the reports started. Around 4.2 million people now work from home, estimating for 14% of the whole workforce in the UK.

The bulk, around 63%, are self-employed, while a company or organization employs the remaining. Usually, if you work from home, then you are more probable to be getting a higher salary, too.

The increase in these numbers concurs with the growth in cloud computing technology. What used to be a mix-up of copper wires, and costly call transfers is now a very simple process, with the technology having ripped a page right out of the plug-in and play textbook. So sit back and let us explain how business VoIP solutions make it even simpler for you to fix up your own little work away from work.

How VoIP telephony Helps?

Business is concerned about monitoring when employees work from home. However, the XenVoice VoIP solves this concern. XenVoice VoIP helps businesses in proving the employees the business phones at any given place. The employees can have their business numbers wherever they go without any physical limitations. Handling remote workers and giving them VoIP phones will be the best decision ever made by the businesses.

Employees can use desk phones that they use at the office or use softphone while traveling or in case you do not want to carry a desk phone.

  1. Desk phone:

    Without a doubt, the easiest way to retain functionality is to carry the IP phone to home. You can just unplug it from the office, carry all the way to your home and just plug it again and connecting it to your router. It will definitely work seamlessly and you can also take calls, ring the same groups and perform all the tasks to perform at the office without any constraint.

  2. Softphone:

    Carrying a desk phone is not practical every time. Instead, you can download a softphone and start using your office number on your phone tablet or any other device. A softphone acts as a phone interface from which you can dial numbers, ring extensions and have conference calls as you would in the office.

Save time and money:

When you use a VoIP phone, you can really save on the costs incurred while commuting and on business calls, you make with your personal phone. Save your money by investing in the best-suited plans from XenVoice. Start a 7-day free trial and check all the amazing features for yourself.

Save time as you can use XenVoice VoIP services on your tablet and phones while still using your business phone number. With VoIP, you need not make expensive long-distance business calls. Instead, you can use the free Wi-Fi and make a call to your business partners.

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