How VoIP Services Will Boost Marketing Services

When late Edmund Jerome McCarthy introduced the 4P’s of Marketing in his 1960 book ‘Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach’, he must have had little anticipation of its impact on modern product marketing. Overtime McCarthy’s four P’s have become nothing less than 4 commandments for global marketing services who have time and again used it as a perfect guide for effective goal-driven marketing.

So where do VoIP solutions fit in among the 4P’s? Well, we would say, “Right at the center”. For the late McCarthy would himself agree that in marketing there is always that very important scope for improvement and the best VoIP service act as a perfect catalyst for boosting marketing services.

Salesforce, a popular cloud CRM platform, confirms that in terms of conversion rates telephone still outshines other communication channels including social media. As Ann Handley puts it, “Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time.” VoIP allows marketers to call and engage to that single potential customer effectively through the internet and this is just the first among the huge list of advantages that business VoIP services bring to marketing services.

 1.  Know If the Ad is Right?

 You deserve to know more than just the click counts on your ads. Best VoIP services support multiple voice numbers which offer a perfect window for marketers to target a large audience. Further, they can couple these numbers with targeted ads and draw important insights on strategies like response rates, preferences, call timings, call locations, waiting time, etc.

In this way, marketers know exactly what worked and what did not work at all.

Insights help marketing services plan campaigns that strike the right chord with potential customers and contribute significantly towards converting engagements into sales.

2. Create Loyalties Not Customers

VoIP services allow seamless integration of multiple communication channels which means that marketing services can now connect, communicate and engage with potential clients over their preferred communication channel within and beyond business hours.

Business VoIP offers a level of ease and comfort in client engagement which helps marketers win potential client confidence and trust with ease. In fact, in a good number of cases, the purchase order is received even before making the formal sales pitch.

3. For not Closing but Helping

Marketing today is engagement driven and your chances of sale increase with how comfortable and accommodating you have been to your client. The best VoIP services make this increasingly easy for marketers with features like toll-free numbers, browser-calling, call-routing, etc.

Further with easy event tracking features marketing services can ensure that no customer request/queries/calls/messages escape unattended.

4. Agile Execution

For a marketing strategy to be truly effective, it is of prime importance that the cross-functions work in perfect coordination with each other. A robust marcom is particularly effective once the strategy has been put into practice as it helps in agile identification and resolution of loose ends so that end goals are not compromised at all. VoIP ensures that internal communication among marketing cross functions is not compromised at all.

5. Being at the Right Place

 A golden rule for marketing is that the product/service must reach the right audience at the right time. Marketing services can use VoIP solutions to target audiences across multiple markets with a domestic appeal that connects instantly with the local audience.

VoIP services allow users to have location wise area codes which are an important first step towards crisp and clear customer alignment.

 With the rise of the internet, the traditional marketing landscape has transformed into a complex intricate web where product promotion strategies are increasingly focusing on customer satisfaction. XenVoice VoIP services offer features like post call events, IVR, multi-channel communication, real-time alerts, etc. which makes this a whole lot easier for marketing services.

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