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VoIP for Small Business

In spite of all the digital networks like email, messaging and live chat a business needs a reliable and a secure source for communication. Having traditional telephones is an option only big businesses can undertake. Having a phone system like VoIP solutions allows you to communicate with ease. But a common misunderstanding about VoIP system is, people consider that these business VoIP services are only for the large companies. VoIP systems have innumerable features which are meant for small businesses also.

VoIP Features Useful for Small Business

  • Cuts overhead costs

By switching to XenVoice, a small business can save overheads costs. Long distance calls with VoIP systems will cost very less when compared to PSTN telephone. You can depend on the VoIP services for new upgrades and features without having to pay extra unlike the traditional telephony. Tiered pricing from XenVoice makes it easier from small businesses to invest in VoIP calling business solutions.

  • Easy Management

Managing a business VoIP system which is cloud-based it a lot easier when compared to the traditional PSTN. The maintenance becomes ease and also cuts costs as it has no wires or any massive hardware to maintain. The users can easily manage them in-house with just a basic knowledge for operating.

  • Flexible and Mobile

The traditional system puts constraints on employees as they can’t access their business numbers when not at the office. This problem is solved by the business VoIP systems. The VoIP systems have the capacity to answer calls at the workplace, while in a hurry or while working remotely. With cloud-based VoIP services, the users can access to the internet and have quick access to their business phone number. With XenVoice app for Android and iOS, you can make business calls from wherever you want.

  • Adaptable

With the ever-changing business situation, businesses need a fast-paced system which will push the growth. Having business locations at every part of the world is a major reason business opt for VoIP services. This is a kind of system which is easily adaptable in case of business growth and it scales its size at the event of shifting users or phone numbers without any additional hardware setup.

  • Supports the latest gadgets and phones.

As the VoIP system can also be operated by application developments, it becomes easy for the users to just install and configure and keep using the same business VoIP service at the workplace and at home. Business VoIP services enable the user to take calls, receive calls and transfer them to a different number and all the other services from the same number.

Download XenVoice for Android or IOS and experience with business class communication.

  • VoIP Features to enhance growth

Below are the VoIP features which help the business to enhance growth and embrace the new technologies. No VoIP service provider gives features which are as amazing as XenVoice. Here is what you can expect

  • Voicemail

Voicemail is a feature that stores voice messages on cloud-based technology and is an improved version of answering machines. With a VoIP service number, the user can have access to all the voicemails with a PC or a smartphone. Here the user can send their voicemails and save it on the cloud.

  • Pricing

With XenVoice’s tiered pricing, the user gets the best and the most economical pricing structure. Here the user pays for only what he uses. With a trial period which gives you free access to top features try XenVoice and find out yourself if that is the best business VoIP service you want for your business needs.

  • Notifications and Integrations

Get notified whenever you get a call. Well, that’s normal right? But getting a notification on your preferred channel like Skype, or WhatsApp is something which moves you a step forward. Activate the integration process with applications like Slack, Skype, or WhatsApp to receive call notification on their device.

In this fast-paced era, connect your applications and work seamlessly by XenVoice’s multiple channel integration features. XenVoice interface is as basic as it can get, anybody with fundamental web or application information can deal with it easily. Now, get and make calls from your work telephone, PC, or cell phone, according to your convenience.

  • Unlimited numbers and extensions

XenVoice offers an unlimited number feature to its clients. Each user situated inside your office or at various office areas in the US/Canada can be given an extension. You can include multiple numbers at an extra expense.

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