VoIP – CRM Integration Benefits for Businesses

In this write-up, we will discuss the top 10 benefits a user can get when he integrates his VoIP system with CRM.

How CRM helps in VoIP integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are an important tool for businesses to keep a record of their interactions with prospects and customers. Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, allows businesses to make calls over the internet. The blending of these two technologies can provide businesses with a robust cross-channel program that can increase sales, generate leads and enhance business growth.

Here are the 10 most important VoIP-CRM integration.

  • Ease of access:

As all the information is readily available, users can get customer data from a single app and make calls directly from there. As all the information is within reach, the staff or the callers can easily access the details of the customer and can resolve the issue within less time frame.

  • Better coordination:

The CRM has all the data which the employee needs which performing a specific task. This enhances the coordination among the teams and thus result in organized problem-solving skills of the users.

  • Enhanced customer experience:

The VoIP-CRM integration enables the data available to the caller at any given point. He needn’t search for the queries, reference number or anything related to the customer. With a specific complaint number or anything which is designated to the customer, the user can get all the information at one place.

  • Integrated data:

The data of the customers are under one roof. This ensures speedy delivery of all the services. As the data is integrated with VoIP to CRM, the staff and do more with fewer resources. This means that it can serve the customer better with limited resources. The ROI of the salesforces will also increase. Data integration can improve customer and partner relations.

  • Improved productivity:

With CRM software, XenVoice VoIP calls can even be integrated with a browser so that there is no need for an employee to be sitting at their desk to reach clients. Calls can be made through the browser on a desktop or laptop. With VoIP-CRM integration, companies can increase their productivity.

  • Real-time data:

As data integration is real-time, all the information of the customer is shared dynamically. VoIP-CRM integrations take care of all the call data in real-time. This enables the user to improve the customer’s experience.

  • Improved decision making:

VoIP-CRM integration can optimize employee’s decisions. The data integrations will enable the user to foresee future trends in the consumer behavior pattern. This way they can make better decisions.

  • Helps issue handling:

In a customer support environment, handling issues are a very integral part when comes to customer relationship management. The support team can only handle the issues when they have the customer’s data that too in a proper condition and format.

  • Marketing benefits:

VoIP-CRM integration does benefit marketing attempts. Businesses can segment their customers into sections using CRM software and then target these groups with different marketing campaigns for each group with a specific ad set for each of them.

  • Lead generation:

With VoIP-CRM integration companies have data wherein the company representatives use it for lead generation and sales. A business which uses VoIP – CRM integrations can access in-depth information about a consumer before, during and after a phone call.

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