VoIP Business Telephony places Education Industry on New Orbit

With the advent of technology, the education sector witnessed a paradigm shift. Teachers can make a difference in their teaching skills in association with tech tools. Students can also reach out to various teachers across the globe or interact with fellow students easily. To attract better staff and accomplish a better teacher and student engagement it’s imperative for schools & educational institutions to leverage the benefits of a cost-effective robust communication system.

Cloud-based VoIP solutions can provide that competitive edge for all these institutions to take the parent, student and teacher interaction to next level.

Empowering Holistic Education with better interaction

Easy installations, DIY set up of services & affordability makes cloud-based VoIP business phone a must for all the sectors which fall under the umbrella of the education industry. Feature wise benefits:

Virtual Receptionist:

Effective call management by the auto attendant ensures no call goes missing. All the calls are answered automatically with customized professional greetings (which are in tandem with your brand positioning). Again these calls are followed by a list of touch-tone menu options for routing calls to various lines. The configuration of separate attendant menus for separate school is simple and benefits schools in District areas.

Display of Caller ID Information:

This feature enables the staff to know who is calling and stay informed about the caller, as calls can be configured to display the caller ID. Outbound caller ID can be set at the school and/or the school district level.

Free Calls:

This feature cuts the costs of communication for the institution as most  Cloud-based VoIP hosting solutions allow you to call faculty, admins etc., on your phone network for free.

Call Park Facility:

In an emergency, school management like staff or executives can park a call on their office phone, reach out to the situation outside or on another floor address the issue and access that call from a phone from that floor then & there.

Group Ring Strategy:

To enhance efficient school administration, various departments or teams can make groups and handle calls efficiently. Setting up a group ring strategy (for Principal, Vice Principal(s), secretaries, etc.) further enhances the operations to the next level

Call Routing Facility:

Based on the working business hours call routing can be set up. After hours calls can be directed to a voicemail box.

HD Audio Conferencing

Setting up of HD quality audio meetings is easy where entire school faculty can participate to make meaningful discussions & decisions. A school administrator can choose to have their own personal conference bridge to host parent-teacher meetings

XenVoice helps social as well as business organizations improve their financial outcomes making a mark as cutting-edge Business VoIP Providers.

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