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“Data calling is now much cheaper than voice calling” in certain markets, said Gagan Mac, product manager for communications at Uber.

Choose VoIP Over PSTN

No doubt, that data is much cheaper than cellular calls. However, VoIP technology has taken business communication to the next level. While providing the best call quality, VoIP technology is also economical when it comes to calling at an international level.

Business can streamline their calling process to international clients and team members who work remotely at a different location without any fear of extra costs while communicating.

VoIP aka Voice over IP is a technology, which transmits voice data packs and ensures that these voice packs reach the destination securely. This transmission will happen securely as VoIP technology depends on the IP for carrying voice within corporate sites is many years old.

Calling can really be expensive if you need to call frequently. This is seen in industries where constant communication is needed.

How Uber rolled out VoIP as in in-app feature

Top companies like those that Uber rolls out VoIP feature for their riders to communicate seamlessly. Here the users and the drivers can communicate through an in-app built feature of VoIP calling facility.

Presently, Uber offers three options for drivers and passengers to interact: SMS text messages, in-app text, and PSTN. Uber became intrigued in VoIP as it extended globally and discovered that, in various countries, data calling is affordable than cellular calls.

For people going abroad, the experience to communicate with a driver utilizing an internet connection is significantly less pricey than a roaming call.

Not only is it less costly, but for drivers, it enables them to stay within the Uber application while coordinating with the passengers and pickups with riders. This is necessary for Uber as it is fighting a lift in affordable options in the ride-hail market and demands to provide new features and advantages that keep the drivers using its application.

Moreover, the adoption of VoIP calling is an added sign of Uber’s change into a global transport service. Ride-hailing in the Netherlands is not the same as ride-hailing in Brazil.

Each location has its social oddities — Japanese drivers rarely use their phones when operating — and Uber is attempting to learn all the skills of the international business.

VoIP for the Transport industry

In the transport industry, efficient communication of drivers is essential for streamlining the transfer of information and clarifying business methods to help enable taxi drivers, dispatchers, remote operators, and clients.

By using a sturdy telephone communication system like a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. This way taxi operators and transport businesses can grow their customer reach, manage large call volumes, provide top-notch customer service, and increase their bottom line.

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