Traditional VoIP v/s XenVoice

Before 1995 when initial VoIP services emerged by the name of vocaltec, effective telecommunication across global stretch often required number of operators sitting by a huge communication switchboard and manually directing phone calls to their intended parties.

Today, as we see the world evolve into a huge computing ecosystem, communication has also changed to a certain degree of advancement. Modern communication with significant technological advancements in field of electronics and communication, has surfaced as a ubiquitous channel of staying connected. Although lot many affiliated professionals in the field of communication credit the advancement to various technologies, VoIP Service would never exist if it were not for these two building blocks of modern age communication: Smart telephonic mediums and Internet protocol.

Traditional VoIP

VoIP is an automated telecommunication protocol based on the working of modern IP. It was devised and developed to actuate real-time voice transmissions between registered IP nodes by means of current day data exchange protocols. VoIP System works on the same grounds like modern data exchange with high speed data transmission acting as the key enabler.

With the plethora of smart phone application like Skype, whatsapp calling and Duo, along with technological advancements, such as broadband, and high-speed Wi-Fi, the world of digital communication is revolutionizing. Large-scale integration of phones, computers, and other advanced communication mediums is facilitating the end-users with increased possibilities and personalization, where they get to opt for the best-suited services from the VoIP Providers and carry long-range digital connect regardless of traditional network barriers.


Modern enterprise world has long surpassed the communication restriction in the past and every business today needs to have a dependable communication channel in order to stay connected with global client base.

In the professional communication province XenVoice offers advanced business communication system with unique enterprise rates. It is highly suited for international business verticals who wish to establish an economic and efficient communication medium for 24*7 upkeep of their services.

The enterprise grade platform brings countless perks for modern business houses within easy and affordable price model.

Key Differentiators

The major differentiator for XenVoice is its range of platform integration. A business firm using XenVoice gets a long list of integration possibilities across various business critical channels and platforms, be it with the use of a VoIP Phone or any conventional computing device.

At its core, it is a communication improvement solution targeted to bring effective VoIP communication to its users by means of integration and effective service provisioning.


Apart from being a cloud based smart communication system, XenVoice boasts a number of business friendly features which make it the leading solution in the market. Extensive platform integration, advanced R&D and technology implementation along with user-convenience and profiling helps our enterprise customers make the most of their business potential while XenVoice preserves the communication channel for them.

Few of the industry-best features offered by XenVoice are:

Tiered Pricing

Whenever a business thinks of an efficiency upgrade, infrastructure and cost are the prime factors that dominate the decision. In an industry environment where almost 80% of unlimited calling plans go unused, XenVoice has come up with transparent and tiered Pricing starting from just $ 4.99/month.

With XenVoice, business firms can now stay rest assured on the economic front and experience great process and service upgrades at the most effective plans.

Multiple Channels

XenVoice is designed and developed to connect the user with his business, irrespective of his location and device adherence. It provisions extensive integration across multiple communication channels for faster interactions and seamless connect with global client-base with near zero lag and communication issues.

In today’s business province where every operation has got a unique application solution to it, Xenvoice makes inter-channel integration highly conceivable and easy. At times when a user is away from his VoIP device, he/she can activate integration access within XenVoice across various applications like slack, skype, or whatsapp to receive call notification on their device. This majorly serves as a business boon for users/operators who cannot afford to miss a business call.

Post Call Events

Need to keep a detailed track of all the professional communications and logs? XenVoice brings a solution for it with its “Post Call Events” feature. Users can now easily track the crucial details of all their incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and then derive business critical insights from it.

Why XenVoice

XenVoice comes across as the future of VoIP communication in the modern enterprise space. It simplifies many communications processes, while keeping the expenses low. Enterprises  and end users get to avail much better and greater degree of flexibility over other existing communication solutions in the market with extended integration options across business critical applications like MailChimp, slack, DropBox and G-Drive

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