This Is Why 2019 Will Be The Year of VoIP Phone System!

Starting a business is not a cake-walk. Limited budget, dealing with people, unexpected sudden growth, need for scaling up – challenges are endless. And in that the communication system is the last thing that you might want to worry for.

Communication is the key for a business which is just taking the baby steps to build its entity.  An effective phone communication system should be cost effective and at the same time needs to fulfill all the requirements of the business.

Affordability with functionality is much needed to take your startup to the next level. And, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the perfect blend of both. Here are some key benefits of VoIP for startups and why it is crucial in 2019 and beyond.

Reasons Why You Need a VoIP Phone System

  1. Affordable Business Communication

If you consider the traditional phone system, there is a massive cost associated with installation of wired phone connections. Not to forget the huge server charge. However, the setup and maintenance cost is surprisingly low for VoIP. And this is a major reason why many ambitious professionals are shedding the freelance avatar to become an entrepreneur. You can choose calling plans as per your needs and upgrade as you grow. Tiered pricing is also a great choice where you just pay for what you use. Go for hosted or self-hosted VoIP service plan according to your business requirement.

  1. Increased Mobility

In the initial days you might start from a home setup, or many of your employees might work from home. A VoIP phone system gives you the flexibility to just carry the adapter and hold phone conversation from anywhere in the earth. Or, what happens if your current infrastructure gets demolished by a natural calamity? Voice Over IP gives you the flexibility to shift your business to any location and continue the same level of business communication.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Mobility has proven benefits on employee productivity. A survey by workplace developer Steel case found that, 88% of highly engaged employees have control over their workplace. VoIP telephony allows your employees to conduct virtual conferences, share important data and access transcripts of Voice Mail via emails. This helps in enhanced employee productivity and better customer engagement. As per the statistics, businesses that switch to VoIP phone system can save up to 32 minutes per day per employee.

  1. Easy Management

A major disturbance in case of traditional phone system is the messy wires and cables. With business VoIP phone service, you can just get rid of those cables and wires. The installation process of VoIP phone system takes a very little time and one doesn’t need any technical knowledge to maintain that.

  1. Scale as You Grow

It is not possible to predict how much call time or how many connections you will need in the initial days of your startup. You may either go for lower call limits or end up with buying a higher plan that is not needed. Also, installing the extra phones and extensions is not an easy job. VoIP for startup is extremely flexible. You can choose calling plans as per your requirement and upgrade to the next plan as and when needed.

When it comes to choosing a business phone system, more and more companies are preferring VoIP telephony over the traditional phone system. Given the increased mobility, hassle free installation and low cost; it is not tough to understand the reason.

Every business starts from small. Only an effective business communication system can take it to the newer heights. Give your startup the power of VoIP.

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