State of Business VoIP and Where It’s Headed in 2019

VoIP for today’s business growth:

What is VoIP, why it is for business or how it will help you grow your business communication? Here you will get all your answers. VoIP is a business communication service which will help small and medium-sized business in the communicating process. Nowadays, business communication is of utmost importance as the business runs on the web and the end results we look forward is a Call-to-action. A Call-to-action is successful only when the call is completed successfully. This is the first step towards a query received and the very first action to get business. The communication after this will decide whether the company is going to get a good business or not. Here a VoIP service comes into the picture. VoIP service for small business is a great idea. With VoIP technology, you can easily communicate to prospects and customers without a hole in your pocket. VoIP solution, from XenVoice is the best economical solution available in the market for communication processes.

Communication is the key to any given business. If there is no proper communication, the business will not be able to make prompt decisions, nor handle the prospects in a way they could, with a great business phone system. If the communication is well structured and economical like the Tiered Pricing Plans from XenVoice which fit the exact purpose, businesses will grow eventually. Be it customer support to cold calling to just handling day to day business communication, a VoIP system will take care of all your needs. Send texts, calls or start online meetings, without any interruption. Take business calls when on holidays or just wherever you feel like, and never miss out any opportunity. Be available for your clients or colleagues wherever you go. VoIP enables you to connect from a remote location via an application like Skype, WhatsApp or Slack.  Take conference calls or just start a business meeting chat from your home or when o a holiday.

VoIP industry in 2019:

2019 is the year of upgradations, growth and moving forward real quick. With lightning fast speed in the mode of communication, business phone services will see rapid growth in sales and revenue.

Exceptional Quality:

With 5G mobile network being online, the quality of VoIP services will be much better than previous years. The speed will become faster than the existing networks which will, in turn, lessen the loopholes of the current plans and communications. This ensures more people opt for VoIP services and work remotely without any second thought for networking issues. With just a stable internet connection, organizations will no more have any communication barriers.

Higher Mobility: 

 To grow, you need to constantly move. This is possible only when your business has the option of moving quickly in terms of communication and only if it is flexible enough for a prompt growth. VoIP gives you a communication system so flexible, that you can move your offices without any hesitations, get online with the meetings and chats to solve issues or just get an update of your projects. A business VoIP ensures that the communication process is done with standardized processes and gives the businesses the reliability it needs in terms of data storage, computation and organized official online meetings.

Cloud-based communication: 

One of the major issues in business communication is efficient call management. The businesses which basically run on calling and support industry, face this issue where the call management becomes very overpowering to handle. Here the VoIP for small business is a very useful system which helps these kinds of industry to have an efficient communication system.

Artificial Intelligence for VoIP:

A system without any human interference is a system with least faults. With a system so reliable, VoIP services get a better quality telephone with uninterrupted flow.  With AI we can have voice assistance at the support level without any human interaction. Here more people can opt for service without any human support.

VoIP for Small Businesses:

 With huge communication costs, it gets difficult for small and medium scale business to reply just on local and basic calling facilities. These businesses need a well-structured and reliable call management system which will clear all the communication barriers. Business phone systems with good call quality and full-fledged call management are very inexpensive. XenVoice Business VoIP comes with a price where you can choose your plan according to your requirements.

Integration of VoIP with various software: 

Integrating VoIP services with software like ERP and CRM software, basic features can be integrated and this can be a cost-effective step towards a perfect business growth plan. Here the VoIP services can be of great use as these are inexpensive and also dependable.

Fact Check:

  • VOIP services is the fastest growing segment which is expected to increase rapidly in terms of subscriber base and revenue between 2014 and 2019.
  • Future Market Insights stated that the VoIP phone system will be increasing revenue generation to around $ 24.74 billion in the year 2019.
  • Traditional telephony system will obsolete and the VoIP services will increase its market base.
  • VoIP services for small business will take new heights in the market while offering affordable plans for business needs. FYI, XenVoice pricing starts @ $4.99/month
  • VoIP is cost-effective and is a reliable source of business phone systems.
  • The PBX services will make video conference meetings affordable and more reliable.
  • Recessions have been predicted for the year 2020, but with Business VoIP which is a great economical mode of business communication, things can be fixed.

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  1. M Rufus said:

    Cloud correspondences are a need for some organizations, yet with such a large number of different things going on it very well may be elusive time to commit to looking into and actualizing cloud innovations. Numerous private companies have little IT spending plans and very little cash-flow to put resources into changing to the cloud.

    February 5, 2019

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