New XenVoice awaiting for you! | Added Features And Enhancements

Over the past few months, we have worked together to build an incredible user experience for XenVoice that has more than 10 thousand active users. This would not be possible without you and all the inputs and suggestion that helped us in finalizing the new features of XenVoice. With all the feedback in our mind, we have developed a completely new experience of the XenVoice VoIP application for the users and a set of robust new features that will help you and ease your tasks while using XenVoice.

Efficient features that will enhance your business processes:

Features that will enhance your experience and will help you complete your tasks in a very effective way are added to our recent upgrade.

1. Schedule:

Schedule your calls based on your business specifications. This option will help you schedule your calls according to your convenience and timings.
You can log your available time and you can do this according to different time zones, weekdays or weekends. This new feature is fully customizable and the user can arrange a lot of meetings and client conferences with this single new feature in their XenVoice VoIP account.


The main purpose of the schedule feature is to provide the user the option to let the callers know the availability. This will help the user to handle all the incoming calls without any difficulty.

2. Custom Rules:

Automate your call rule to improve your business and perform better than before with the XenVoice VoIP phone system. Handle all your calls with an automated system that manages each call received differently according to its purpose.


The purpose of this new feature is to ease the variety of incoming calls and also customized each call with the action that is most suitable.

3. Email Notification for Fax:

Get mail notifications of all faxes that you have received directly in your inbox when you connect your email from with your XenVoice VoIP account. This will help in keeping all your faxes at one place and help you find them when you need them the most. Faxing is every task for businesses, which are involved in secured documentation. This includes industries like healthcare, finance, law firms and many more.


Email notification for fax feature helps in keeping faxes on the email account, which is selected. This ensures quick access and keeps all the files on the cloud.

4. Outgoing caller-ID:

Save your selected number as ‘Outgoing Caller ID’ from the list of numbers that you have purchased from your XenVoice VoIP account. This will help in protecting the actual number from which the call is made. This way the users can protect their numbers while calling all of their clients and just giving their numbers to the clients that they want to contact.


This new feature will help in protecting the identity of the callers of your business and help them perform their tasks securely.

5. Attended Transfer on the Mobile app:

Put a call on hold to verify whether the other person can take the call or not. This new feature helps when there is denial or unavailability while transferring the calls. The attended transfer feature from XenVoice confirms the callers of a transferred call, which may or may not be received by a user in your XenVoice VoIP system.


The basic function of this new feature is to make sure that all the calls are attended by the right person or at least are attended by someone who is available.

6. 3-Way Call Conference on the Mobile app:

Function as a team by adding a third person to your conference. This function will help when users want to discuss issues or solve queries as a team. Collaboration becomes easier as the call conference option will give the team more flexibility and will ease daily tasks.


The 3-way call conference feature will enhance productivity, which will, in turn, enhance the growth of the business.

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