The Miracle of VoIP Integration

Cloud communications systems are the future. Infonetics Research determines that by subsequent year, cloud PBX and unified communications will be a $15B industry, as firms of all dimensions transition from hardware PBX phone systems to cloud-based platforms. This change inspired principally by advanced features and decreased costs.

Nevertheless, in order to thoroughly benefit from the potential of the cloud, businesses need to be prepared to spread it with new features and integrate communications with current business solutions. Maximizing the advantage of a cloud communications system needs an extensible program based on open standards and APIs.

XenVoice understands the demands of businesses of all sizes to improve both employee productivity and customer satisfaction, while concurrently decreasing the time it demands to integrate communications into existing workflows.

To approach these problems, XenVoice offers strong VoIP integration with today’s most popular enterprise applications, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Zapier, and MailChimp. These compelling integrations enable your company to streamline communication and collaboration, so your employees can work more effectively and connect more quickly with both customers and co-workers.

VoIP Integrations with Use Cases

Using the Zapier-VoIP integrations, users can directly create Zaps and integrate XenVoice with various other business application. Below are some of the examples of customized integrations.

CRM Integration:

Many CRM implementations still rely on users’ manually recording data to receive and track phone calls, SMS messages, and faxes. By using Zapier, users can create Zaps and integrate CRM with office VoIP. Integrating the telephone operations and a CRM solution within the same interface allows client service agents to immediately find customer data during calls.

Messaging and Fax Services:

Connecting XenVoice with Zapier for faxes and messaging software can give the business the functionality to carry on its operations smoothly. Several customers prefer to interact through messaging, and companies want to benefit from this extremely responsive way to connect with their customers.

In addition, fax still has an essential function in many fields and businesses. Text messaging and online faxes offer agile ways to get important information, such as confirmations of specific actions or authorization of pins and passwords.

Accounting Software Integration

Accounting – VoIP integrations benefits a business in various aspects. Keep a record of the customer’s accounts as and when on call. VoIP systems further allow you to send reminder calls to customers who have not paid their accounting bills. Accounting software record of all accounting transactions important to your firm, making it accessible for you to assure that you have received and delivered all necessary payments. When integrated with VoIP, they provide your accounting professionals to keep an eye of all financial transactions from their phone or laptop via the application for VoIP.

VoIP integrations with Custom Applications

  1. A cloud-based communication system provides the greatest level of communications safety and is configurable to meet HIPAA regulations.
  2. When it comes to marketing, VoIP can sustain both inbound and outbound applications. Its integration with the marketing software facilitates a world of accessibility for agents as well as their managers.
  3. A cloud-based contact center which has features that cost-effectively enhance both the quality and efficiency while connecting your client to the right specialist

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