Know how VoIP Telephony can take your CRM Operations to Next Level

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a methodology to manage a company’s interaction with existing and potential customers. This approach enables the companies to analyze the customers’ history (data) with respect to a company & devise plans to enhance customer relations, retention and sales growth. What if you are flooded with incredible data related to sales and marketing, which catalyzes your CRM operations? Cloud-based VoIP service providers enable you to integrate your CRM & connect your CRM account with your VoIP business phone system and exchange valuable data between the two platforms.

Advantages VoIP Telephony & CRM integration:

Lead Generation with Real-Time Calling Data

Any customer interaction should lead to valuable insights into your business. If the sales agents are talking to potential customers, they can ensure what they are looking for and convert the call into a sale. No more manual accounting of the call information, VoIP CRM integrations take care of all the real-time logging data.

If the cloud-based VoIP business phone offers call recording, agents would even be able to attach the recorded files to the customer’s contact profile. The beauty of CRM integrations is it can track the data which is device specific with accurate timings…like whether the call was from a cell phone or an office phone; was it on an Internet voice or video call. This plethora of data collected can be used for lead generation and enhance the overall customer experience.

Data metrics enhance management’s efficiency:

Managers can take meaningful decisions with the key metrics and analytics specific to an individual provided by VoIP CRM integrations.  For instance, data can be captured related to an individual agent, such as per day how many calls he had taken? The number of caller hang-ups, the average call time, and the average wait time. Analyzing this CRM data, Managers can enhance the individual efficiency or efficiency of the entire team as well.

If a given agent is spending more time with the customer beyond the average time, to fix this situation, the supervisor can assign another agent to look into the account. On the contrary, if there is a traffic vacuum around a certain time, a manager can reduce the number of assigned agents in that time frame. These are just a few examples of how CRM integrations can help optimize staffing decisions.

Improve Overall Customer Experience

The VoIP business phone’s real-time call experience provide a 360-degree approach. For instance, a sales agent can save his time focusing on the customer requirement not searching for the customer’s profile, being on the call. A good CRM integration automatically directs an agent to the incoming caller’s profile or creates a new support ticket with information about the caller.

Prospect’s CRM profiles enable the sales agents to access information like a number of website visits, list of items viewed & past purchases, this sets a tone for a better assessment of the ‘context of the call’. Now the sales agent can approach the prospect with the right focus as it reduces the time (which is earlier wasted in asking questions) & huge chances to convert the prospect into a customer. Support agents can use CRM integrations to check a customer’s troubleshooting history and past support tickets. This small exercise leads to minimize exchanges, wait times, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Marketing Prospects with Closed Loop Analytics

Marketing departments devise robust campaign strategies on the basis of analyzing customer behavior, chalking out marketing personas, in order to accomplish this task, an authentic customer data is critical. Access to CRM reports and sales funnel data helps marketing departments’ to assist sales agents in seizing the leads into conversions. As this process bridging the sales and marketing departments with accurate data, this phenomenon is called ‘closed loop analytics’.

By integrating calling data into your VoIP business phone system, the marketing executives can test out various issues and gain a better sense of what the customer experience is like. For instance, one can analyze that by publishing FAQ pages or blog posts which addresses common issues minimize the number of calls about those topics. End of the day, this CRM data can be used to improve customer

satisfaction, by devising various reforms that are supported by the data which stands out as authentic and genuine.

VoIP Phone Systems and Popular CRM Platforms

Many cloud-based VoIP phone systems offer integrations with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Highrise, and Zendesk. These VoIP CRM integrations offer key data and analytics to sales, marketing, and support teams within your company.


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