Best Internet Business Phone System in 2019 [Updated]

Internet Business phone system

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or the internet business phone system is the phone systems that use the internet connection for a call. This technology first appeared in 1995. Moreover, since its inception, it has gained a lot of acceptance and is still in wide usage.

Finding a perfect internet business phone can be quite a challenge in 2019. With thousands of brands competing for the top position, each VoIP provider has its own unique set of features to offer.  Get your research right and choose a VoIP provider according to the features and the requirements of your business needs.

VoIP provider and uses of internet business phone system

There are plenty of VoIP providers in the market and all of these offers features with a pricing policy, which is acceptable for the features provided. With all the VoIP provides offering competitive pricing and features it get difficult to choose one. All you can do is compare the uses and importance of each feature need for your business.

Uses of Internet business phone system

  1. Saves money as it uses the existing internet connection.
  2. As it is easy to use, it also saves time.
  3. VoIP providers like XenVoice offer desktop and mobile app options which provide flexibility to an internet business phone system
  4. International calling becomes cheaper compared to the traditional calling system.

Industries that can use VoIP (internet business phone system)

The internet business phone system can be used by many SMBs, big business, and startups. As this communication system is adaptable by any size of the business, it is more like a universal system that is a fit for all types and sizes of businesses.

Industries like medical, healthcare insurance, which deals with confidential information of their customers can use it as it is the most secured, economical form of business communication.

Industries like customer service, e-commerce, real estate, travel agencies, and law firms which deal with a lot of user and customer data which needs a compatible communication system can you VoIP technologies and streamline their business communications process.

XenVoice VoIP provider

XenVoice is the new generation internet business phone system or a VoIP provider, which is both a robust and economical business communication system.

Save more with the XenVoice Tiered pricing that starts @ $4.99 per month. You can also track your call data on 1000+ apps with the post-call events from XenVoice. Make calls from mobile or desktop application or receive incoming call notification on your preferred channels like Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp.

Why XenVoice is better than any other VoIP provider

With post-call events feature, you can have your calls data on 1000+ applications after you have completed a call.

With Zapier integration feature, you can integrate your account provided by the VoIP provider, with applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Dropbox and many other applications through Zapier.

With multiple channels option, you can get notifications of various call alerts on your preferred channels.

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