7 Things to Do for Successful Implementation of Voice over IP Phone System

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Voice over IP phone system has numerous benefits compared to the age-old landlines.

Still, many companies are afraid of opting for this new technology. And the examples of previous VoIP implementation blunders is a big reason for that.

To make sure your VoIP implementation doesn’t fail, you must first understand how VoIP works and plan your implementation strategy carefully.

Do you know what you need to do before starting the implementation process? Or what needs to be done after implementation is completed? To make your job easier, we have listed 7 crucial things to do for successful implementation of voice over IP phone system and help you to take your business to the next level.

Choose the Right VoIP Provider

When you start searching for the best VoIP service for business, you’ll see a list of companies in the market offering similar services. But how to find the right one among all?

For that, you must understand your VoIP needs first and accordingly list down the things that you’re looking at your VoIP service provider.

Things like features, ease of integration, customer support, pricing, and scalability play a very important role in deciding which VoIP service provider you should go for.

Also, it is not always possible to measure how many minutes you’ll need in a month. So, opt for a tiered pricing plan and scale up as and when your business grows.

Also, before finalizing don’t forget to take a free trial and check if that Internet-based phone service meets your business communication needs.

Setup Essential Calling Features

Once you have bought a voice over IP phone system, now is the time to proceed with the essential things. Setup the mandatory calling features like auto attendants, voicemails and music on hold.

Many VoIP companies offer these facilities. Before you start your VoIP operations, customize voicemails and music on hold with some nice music, interesting industry facts or other useful recordings. This ensures that your customers do not get bored while they are put on hold.

Also, check how many VoIP phones and extensions you will need. Accordingly, add and configure them for a successful start in minimal time.

Integrate with Office Applications

Easy integration with your regular office applications is a very handy feature of voice over IP phone system.

Companies use different office applications like Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Google Drive etc. for different needs. Once you have started with your VoIP phone system, make sure to integrate it with the applications you use on regular basis, including your CRM software.

This helps to enhance your productivity as all your important office applications are well integrated. You can easily make and receive calls without having to move from your application.

Some of the business VoIP providers also offer notification feature, opting for which enables you to receive incoming call alerts in your preferred channel. This ensures that you don’t miss any important business call, ever.

Secure Your Voice over IP Phone System

Security is a major concern when it comes to a business phone system. Even a small compromise can result in serious damage to your organization. Hackers always try to take advantage of any kind of loophole that may exist and you know how costly that can be to your business!

To make sure your voice over IP phone system is fully protected, pay attention to security-related issues. Install the right software and make sure to take all the needed measures. Don’t give control of your VoIP phone system to the hands of hackers, stop a problem before it starts.

Install a Second Internet Connection

Consider installing a second internet connection to ensure that you have uninterrupted communication. In case, your primary internet connection goes down, the second one will work as a backup and provide continuity in voice and data services.

It is no brainer that, these two connections must be from two different companies. Having two internet connections from two different companies will make sure that you don’t have much downtime and your regular business communication is not hampered.

Test Your VoIP Phone Service

Test your internet-based phone service, before you go live. You surely don’t want to run hundreds of calls on a network that can’t support them. Put enough time and resources to evaluate network weaknesses and identify the areas that need to be upgraded.

Also, your customers do not want to attend low-quality voice calls. So, measure the quality of your voice over IP phone system before you start taking customer calls. This will make sure that the customers will feel very little difference with the calls received in traditional telephony.

Train Your Employees

Voice over IP phone system is a new technology. So, once everything is checked, it is essential to give proper training to all your employees about this new age business phone system.

This guarantees that everyone who is associated with VoIP knows how to use it, do the basic troubleshooting and take the necessary measures to ensure security.

Check if they are comfortable with the VoIP technology and encourage them to share feedback. Provide the right training and support to your employees and ensure that the transition to cloud telephony is smooth.

Wrapping Up

The success of a VoIP implementation resides in its planning. So, don’t jump into the implementation process without a proper plan in place.

However, your work doesn’t end with planning. The post-implementation phase is crucial as well. So, make sure you follow all the above tips for a successful implementation of voice over IP phone system.

Also, every technology upgrades with time. So, you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest changes. Communicate regularly with your VoIP service provider for any new updates they bring in and put your effort to accommodate the change.

Transition is challenging. Only an attitude towards continuous learning and improvement can make sure that you have an effective VoIP system in place.

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