If your business runs on VoIP Telephony …it will never goes Off the Hook!

Sittin’ in my bedroom late last night
Got into bed and turned out the light
Decided to call my baby on the telephone
All I got was an engaged tone
It’s off the hook
It’s off the hook…

No matter Mick Jagger tore apart his vocals for this all-time classic, but Keith Richard’s chords and backing vocals make this haunting melody more memorable and momentous. What if Mick Jagger then had a Telephone service which was far better than the conventional landline one? Would he be able to talk to his sweetheart? Would he be able to exchange the sweet nothings? All in all, would the line goes off the hook?

Imagine if this entire scenario is applied to your business and you are taking a sales call with your customer, what happens if it goes off the hook? Of course, your customer is not your bay…we understand, but it’s beyond that…right? Because once David Ogilvy said, “Customer is not a moron, she is your wife and you have to be loyal to her” which sounds absolutely true!

According to Forbes, as much as 71 percent of leads are wasted due to extended/delayed response times. Statistics show that it takes most businesses two days to return a phone call. A

Google study revealed that as much as 70 percent of mobile users click the call feature from their smartphones when they search for a business.

It’s apparent that your business (irrespective of the industry you are into) needs to connect with your stakeholders and customers 24/7 with reliable VoIP Business System which runs on unconventional cloud technology to run your business communication ecosystem seamlessly.

The immense benefits of VoIP Business Phone over Traditional Landline Phones

Exhibit I – Benefits of VoIP Business Phone over Traditional Landline Phones




Setup cost Low High
Running cost Low High
KBPS Needs 10 KBPS Needs 64 KBPS
Multimedia Transmit voice, video, and any form of multimedia just like you do on the internet No support for multimedia. Only voice
Scalability Easy and inexpensive to scale as your business grows Additional phone sets and wired phone lines needed in order to scale. Not easy-to-scale
Add-ons The large number features available at no additional cost (call waiting, forwarding, call parking, etc.) Limited options for add-ons, most of which cost extra
Outages Internet should be functional at all times, but calls can be forwarded to a secondary device during a power outage Usable during a power outage
Call pricing Free VoIP to VoIP calls. International and mobile calls typically charged at a nominal rate No free PSTN to PSTN calls. All calls are charged

Cut down a huge amount of money on monthly phone service by dropping traditional phone service and switching to reliable yet cost-effective Business VoIP services, XenVoice.


A Comprehensive Phone System Comparison”

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