Ideal VoIP Service For Android To Make & Receive Calls

VoIP services for Android

Do you have frequent call cut offs? Is this affecting your business? If yes, then you need to shift to the business VoIP services which has a better call quality as it connects through the internet. VoIP services can be used from an android phone through an app which connects to the VoIP services over the internet and uses your phone data to make and receive calls.

Having a system which allows you to take business calls and have all the major information is what all the emerging business look forward to. Take business calls when on holidays or on a date, with XenVoice it is possible

When to use VoIP on Android:

  • Frequent phone international calls
  • Large phone bills
  • Hustle of multiple phones
  • Connected team even when outside

Having frequent phone calls at an international level can be expensive. By using VoIP services you can cut long bills and have communication which is efficient and economical.

When you have long phone bills, you really need to move your existing telephony to the productive XenVoice VoIP.

Today, business has to juggle over multiple devices to get connected to each other, but with VoIP, the user can have single telephony to connect to his team on-site and off-site without any additional hardware.

Have your salesforce staff, technical team and also the marketing team connected whenever needed. With everyone having access to VoIP telephony, get connected to your team at any given point. This ensures that the team is always available be it on-site or at the office or working from home.

These reasons can affect business communication to a large extent. Using VoIP services can be the most reliable shift you can make.

Checklist for choosing the best VoIP service for Android:

  •  An efficient VoIP service
  •  Extensive support
  •  Accessible over internet
  •  Additional features
  •  Numbers and extensions

This is the ultimate checklist you need as it covers all the aspects a business must look before having a VoIP service provider. You really needn’t search all over for a VoIP service provider which has all the above-said features.

XenVoice is a perfect partner for all your business communication processes. With features which are ideal for all types SMEs, XenVoice is an ideal VoIP service provider which has many integrations that include Web, Mobile, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack and more.

XenVoice as an efficient VoIP service provider:

Making and receiving calls globally without any interruption or disturbance when on business call can be expensive right? No, With XenVoice, you can start calling international with costs as low as just $4.99 per month. Yes, XenVoice does provide VoIP services at a base rate which is affordable. This can, in turn, get economical and you can save on the finances.

XenVoice has 24×7 support:

An expert team which is available all the time whenever you need. That is something every business needs right? With XenVoice this problem gets solved as we have a team which is skilled and has the knowledge which is required to support whenever there are any queries or issues.

XenVoice’s Hosted PBX

We provide a cloud-based communication system which can be accessed entirely over the internet through the IP. The business will use the internet for all the calling processes. Here, features such as call forwarding, call waiting, voicemails etc. are available which are from the traditional PBX. The great difference here is it is all cloud-based. This directly eliminates all the costs associated with the maintenance and the set-up of a traditional PBX.

Exceptional features of XenVoice:

Features which are useful tools for in business communication are already introduced in the basic features of the XenVoice VoIP services.

  • With features like tiered pricing, the user only pays for what is used. This means that he can save a significant amount while doing his business calls.
  • Multiple channel integration allows a user to make and receive calls from commonly used channels like WhatsApp and Skype.
  • Post-call events: This is the exceptional feature which allows a user to have details about a call after it is done. Here the user immediately gets the details about the call and can track in 1000+ apps like Zendesk, Salesforce, MailChimp, Dropbox through Zapier.

Number porting and unlimited extensions:

With all the exciting features, any user would want to have XenVoice VoIP; but also want the same number for various obvious reasons. You can port your number to XenVoice with the number porting feature and change your telecom carrier while having the same number.

With the unlimited extensions for your business, communicate in your office premises internally and have a communication system which is easy and clear. XenVoice allows you to have unlimited extensions to a number.

XenVoice can be your next shift to a great telephony system, where you can have features which help you grow and embrace the expansion. With a VoIP telephony on your android smart phone integrate your entire business communication. Have quick access to incoming business calls, texts, and fax with a cloud-based business communication system.

With Android VoIP calling, make high-quality voice calls at the lowest rates. XenVoice gives you functions like post-call events to get information after a call is completed.  Check all the call details with a single tap on your smartphone. Send voicemails and check blocked numbers and get this access to multiple channels like Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack.

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