How XenVoice is better than Google Voice

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XenVoice vs Google Voice

XenVoice is a US-based VoIP service provider which focuses on tired pricing policy to provide services to small and medium-size businesses. Features like voicemail, call forwarding, text messaging, faxing, and many more are offered by XenVoice.

Google Voice is a telephony system which provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as U.S. and international call termination for Google Account customers in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Google voice doesn’t provide application integrations whereas XenVoice provides 1000+ app integrations.
  • Google voice is a calling application which can be used for residential purpose. XenVoice is a VoIP telephony which is ideal for SBMs.
  • Google Voice has applications compatible with iOS and Android whereas XenVoice has a web app, mobile apps which are user-friendly.

Features that will make you choose XenVoice over Google voice

The above-mentioned differences will automatically make you choose XenVoice over Google voice, but if you are still not convinced, we have more features and attributes which can make you choose XenVoice over any other VoIP service provider.

Features that will convince you to select XenVoice as your VoIP service provider.

Free number porting:

XenVoice provides free number porting. This means that any user can port to XenVoice for free. You can get access to the most advanced features of XenVoice without paying any kind of charges. This way you can keep your existing business phone number.

On the other hand, Google Voice charges 20$ for porting your number from any other VoIP service provider.

 1000+ app integration:

Integrate XenVoice with Zapier and have access to 1000+ applications. This is possible with integrating XenVoice with Zapier and creating Zaps to connect to various applications required to function and take up day to day tasks of any given business.

Google Voice provides minimal integration which makes it least favorable for SMBs. On the other hand, with 1000+ app integrations from XenVoice, SMBs can

Economical and affordable:

XenVoice’s tiered plans start and $4.99 for a month which makes it the most affordable VoIP telephone system.

Google Voice is an expensive tool which only the big industries can afford. The SMBs cannot afford the high calling rates provided by Google Voice. This is where the SMBs prefer XenVoice over Google Voice.

 Adaptable by any size of business

Big organizations can opt for XenVoice as it offers the basic features with an economical rate. XenVoice is also a favorable system for SMBs which makes it an ideal system with overall features for a company’s communication system.

On the other hand, Google Voice has the least of the features with the most expensive level of pricing.

 Why Choose XenVoice Over Google Voice?

Still thinking to stick to Google Voice because of its brand? Let us tell you that XenVoice customers not only stick to it but also recommend it to other users for using its VoIP services.

Ideal for SMBs

The top features from XenVoice make it an ideal VoIP service provider for SMBs. The small and medium-size business look for the reliability, adaptability, and affordability in a VoIP telephony. This all is provided by XenVoice and makes it the most likable to its customers.

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