How VoIP Services Bail you Out in Critical Times

Remember King Kong? The chest beating, helicopter-smacking giant ape which rampages the city of New York for a fair blonde? Can you recall that thrilling climax set on the iconic Empire State Building? Well, be it an ape, aliens or giant sharks, many a time Hollywood made us draw entertainment from the disasters. Imagine you are in that turbulent situation? Forget rescue operations, can you ensure that your company bounces back as early as possible? Do you have a robust backup plan?

In this scenario, your communication system should be tough enough to liberate you out of the disaster’s impact and make sure that you deliver the services your clients need immediately. Here is an account of how a cloud-based VoIP Phone Services would bail you out in critical times of all these Hollywoodish disasters

The King Kong Effect

Imagine Kong is in and around New York City and hell broke loose! Your business area is destroyed to the core and it had a daunting impact on your data center. The cloud-based VoIP hosting services ensure that your calls are re-routed through the other centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas or right there from Europe!

The Times of Sharknados

Imagine you witness sharks are tossing from the sky out of the blue, and encircled your office, don’t get panic! The only thing you need to do is go to an area of higher altitude. Should not forget to take your VoIP business phone

You and your entire staff can leave the premises and relocate yourselves to another safe area probably a warehouse where survivors gather. What you all need to do is to plug into the internet. As VoIP phones are configured to work from any virtually high-speed internet connection, you can regain the access to voicemail, extension dialing and other features instantly

The Alien Invasion 

Imagine there’s a dark cloud hovering across your city & within no time you realize it’s an Alien Invasion! The cosmic rays are destroying the cities indiscriminately and your office to goes haywire! In that critical situation, VoIP business phone ensures that you won’t miss a call. How do you ask? If any specific location is down, VoIP cloud services detect them instantly and ensure that inbound calls, messages are re-routed to a backup location like your cell number or phone. Need we say more?

The Bottom Line

No matter where and when the disaster strikes, in most of the turbulent times, cloud VoIP provides a robust backup facility and ensures that you never lose the network configurations, and miss all the user extensions, attendant prompts, directories etc. In this unique way, the VoIP business phone maintains the copies of all the critical software elements powering a client’s phone system.

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