How VoIP service make difference in Health Care

In this cut-throat competition, can you ensure that your hospital stays ahead of the curve? Are you ready for the communication revolution that analyses real-time patient data to facilitate all the processes? Is it possible to simultaneously increase revenue while decreasing costs?

The biggest challenge in the domain of Healthcare is how the patient critical info is passed on to various counterparts while coordinating the same with payers & providers.

According to the trade analysts, in the future, the biggest challenge in healthcare domain would be ‘how to manage increasing patient data’?.In this scenario, Hospitals, providers as well as payers are in a quest to embrace hassle-free technologies to streamline all the patient care operations. A cost-effective solution for this ecosystem would be Cloud-based VoIP services.

Days of Long Distance Calls are Numbered

VoIP phone system help enables doctors & paramedical staff efficiently communicate & collaborate to enhance operational workflows across the geographical locations to provide quality patient care. Gone are the days of striking deals with conventional phone companies, because Doctors can connect with other specialists across the globe through the calls as well as video conferences over the cloud-based VoIP services…which is seamless & cost reducing.

On the flipside, Hospitals can also beat the patient registration blues refraining themselves from tackling hundreds of calls. With VoIP phone service, collecting multiple patient calls at one time would be easy and also has the privilege of sorting them on priority.

Quicker the Health Solutions…Quicker the Payments

With VoIP Phone System collecting the payments is never cumbersome! VoIP Phone Service has the wherewithal to identify the patients in a jiffy by their name & account information…this enables patients to pay their bills instantly over the phone without any hassles. Moreover, as VoIP systems can access patient accounts, sending the bill & appointment reminders via their mobile device or home phones is easier.

Taking Cloud-Based VoIP Technology to Next Level

Few hospitals are using Hosted VoIP Solutions to link communications with business processes. For instance, to record patient data, small wireless badges made by VoIP Phone system are clipped to Nurses scrubs. When pushed the button on the badge, it instantly the system uses speech recognition, connected to the hospital’s directory system, to route the request to the right person or to broadcast it to team members to resolve the issue effortlessly

Going an extra mile few hospitals are integrating their patient monitoring devices into the Business VoIP system as well. When emergency strikes, say a patient’s heart starts beating erratically, nothing to panic the system will handle the situation by sending customized voice alert to the proper doctors or nurses articulating the problem with patient’s geographic location. The information generated of all the calls can be collated and analyzed to improve care.

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Integrating and Installation is easy

Given the emergencies to tackle and the business they are into, Hospitals may not have the downtime to adapt and aquatint new technologies. The advantage of VoIP Phone systems is they can be installed over existing computer networks seamlessly, which never demands a disruption on the fronts of work as well as logistics. It is cloud-based and can be integrated with the hospital systems sans major effort.

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