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Landline and VoIP telephony

Landlines have been buried in the technological graveyard, with VoIP telephony emerging on the other side. 1995 was the year which ended the use of landlines in the sales industry.

With all the hype over the VoIP, every business is shifting from landlines to VoIP telephony for commercial uses. The new technology VoIP has the best in class features and is more convenient than the traditional phone system. With the introduction of VoIP in the year 1995, ever since then, the businesses are more focused on moving their entire communication system over the VoIP.

How VoIP replaces landline

In the opinion of Forbes, almost 71 percent of leads are lost due to prolonged/delayed response rates. Statistics indicate that it requires roughly 2-3 business days to return a phone call for most companies. A Google study showed that about 70 percent of mobile users click the call feature for CTA from their smartphones when they want to inquire about a product.

From the above observations, it’s crystal that having a reliable business phone system should be amongest your top priorities.

VoIP telephony ends the use to landline

Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services like XenVoice can be a landline replacement.

  • Replacing landlines with a VoIP telephony system with an application built for it can really be a potent decision a business can make.
  • With VoIP, you will not only save on induction and maintenance costs but you’ll also save on making less expensive calls for long-distance. A VoIP telephony significantly decreases expenses for equipment, lines, workforce, and maintenance.
  • The VoIP telephony can be used even by an amateur. Using a VoIP telephony doesn’t require any technical expertise. As user-friendly as it can get, a VoIP system is easy to setup and use.
  • With XenVoice VoIP, you can get unlimited phone numbers, which can help with assigning each department certain numbers to get into touch with it directly.
  • VoIP telephony services provide phone number versatility. You just require a reliable internet connection to use your VoIP phone number. VoIP services allow you to experience business as usual, especially if you have employees working remotely or in different locations.

Feature of VoIP

With features like call forwarding, transfer, missed call services, Zapier integrations, post-call events etc. XenVoice is the prominent VoIP telephony your company needs.

Businesses which have unified communications throughout their company avail the most of the VoIP telephony features. In various examples, it is not practical to update an existing traditional telephony system. But when you shift to VoIP telephony, you only need a steady internet connection.

Best Features of XenVoice

XenVoice is a VoIP service provider which has features that are user-centered. We have developed an application keeping the users and the company in understanding. Here are the best features XenVoice provides you.

  • XenVoice’s tiered pricing plans start at $4.99 per month which is the lowest guaranteed price in the market. This unique form of pricing policy has never been used by any VoIP telephony provider. This means that the user will not pay the bill amount of what he has used and not a penny extra.
  • Integrations with top applications are the best feature. WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype integrate with XenVoice will give you the best of its abilities.
  • With Post-call events feature to get all the call details after a call session is done. This enables tracking your call data and integrating it to 1000+ applications via Zapier integrations.

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