How to use VoIP System for Marketing purposes

Integrating a communication tool with that of a marketing one can be the most beneficial decision for business development. Big businesses can hire a marketing team and that team can handle all of their marketing activities. But what about SMBs and startups? These SMBs will have to depend on online marketing tools to carry out daily marketing activities. Again marketing tools are very expensive which cannot be afforded by SMBs.

VoIP integration with marketing tools:

When you integrate your VoIP system with marketing tools available in the market, you can easily have the data access and use it for marketing automation. This way you can reach more prospects and reach your marketing goals. Help your company spread awareness and your brands message to the prospects.

How VoIP helps achieve marketing goals

You can connect the top apps like Facebook, LinkedIn ads and more to transfer your data with VoIP integration which will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

  • Use Facebook advertising data from XenVoice to engage your customers.

With 2.32 billion active users, Facebook is a platform where the world is. Here people share ideas, content what interests them and keeping sharing it till it reaches the intended group at the whole. Know what interests your audience and concentrate on their engagements. This will directly get you the leads for the business. And the VoIP integration with the Facebook ads, will keep your data secure and can enhance the customer experience in the form of ads.

XenVoice will support you convert your leads to customers by best business communication VoIP services. With ad creation, you can create lead ads and target your future clients. There are many ways you can convert these leads to sales. You can attract your prospects with different offers, discounts, free vouchers or giveaways. VoIP integrations will help you keep this data secure while converting leads to sales.

  • Re-target with AdRoll and XenVoice integration

Re-target your audience with powerful communication. With VoIP integrations, you will have access to customer information and then you can easily target them with customized messages and ads.

The VoIP integration with marketing tools will only focus on lead generation and converting it to sales. For this, you can also use the top email marketing tool, Mailchimp.

Email marketing is one of great marketing tool when you put efforts rightly. Sending mass emails can be tricky. Businesses cannot just fire off emails in the dark and hope for the best results.

VoIP for Email Marketing:

With all your customer data in your VoIP system, you can have access to the emails which can be exported to integrate with email marketing tools like MailChimp.

XenVoice allows the users to integrate their XenVoice VoIP account to the various application through Zapier.

Benefits of VoIP-Mailchimp integration:

The VoIP-Mailchimp integration can benefit the company in many ways which can be as follows.

  • Enhance users and customer’s experience.
  • Increase repeat business.
  • Save cost and labor by marketing automation.
  • Hire experts for your marketing activities and get your business streamlined.

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