How Business VoIP Solutions Can Cut Your Phone Bills Down!

Businesses have two ways to gain profit – they can either increase the revenue by expanding or eliminate unnecessary costs, wherever possible. And no doubt that the later one is the easiest among two.

So, how can you cut the unnecessary expenses of running a business?

There are multiple areas where you can take some measures to reduce excessive operational costs. And your business phone system is one among them.

Many times, the business owners forget to check the hidden charges, unnecessary features, functional inability, and other such aspects which are resulting in excessive business expenses. Here are 5 ways how you can keep your business phone bills down.

Estimate Your Phone Usage

First thing first. To minimize the bill of your business phone system, you must estimate your actual usage need. Go through your previous bills and check out the total usage, charge per call, taxes and any other hidden costs. Once you are clear about the items in the bill, just calculate the unnecessary usage.

Having an idea of your previous bill elements will help you talk to your service provider regarding cutting down on the extra charges. You can also choose to change your business phone service provider if you find your existing company is charging more for your voice calls.

Move from Traditional Phones to Business VoIP Solutions

Consider shifting your business communication to a voice over internet phone system. Business VoIP solutions offer many handy features while eliminating the cost of infrastructure and maintenance of traditional telephones.

When you use a cloud phone system, the savings are considerable. However, the cost is not the only factor to move your phone system. VoIP phone system has many benefits compared to the age-old landlines.

Eliminate Unnecessary Features

Some features are included in the traditional phone services, whereas you need to pay extra charges for some others. List out the must-have phone features and eliminate unnecessary ones that you don’t need. Also, if you’re using business VoIP solutions, you can easily save money as premium features like call forwarding and voicemail come included in the plan.

Choose a Pay As You Go Plan

Instead of paying the annual fee upfront, choose a Pay As You Go plan. Buying an annual plan essentially means that you’re getting locked in an expensive contract for a full year. Also, many times you end up buying a higher end calling plan which you may not need in reality. A Pay As You Go or tiered pricing plan ensures that you cut the phone bills by paying only for what you use.

Use a Mobile App

Many companies pay cell phone bills for their employees. For them, mobile VoIP apps can anytime come handy as the rates are much lower compared to what cell phone companies charge. A mobile VoIP app also allows you to save the roaming costs while traveling abroad. Now convert your smartphone into a full-fledged business phone system.


So, these are some crucial measures that you must take to keep your business phone bills down. Moving to VoIP is surely the first thing to consider. However, this is not an easy decision for sure. There are many business VoIP solutions available in the market. Do your research and choose the one who best suits your need.

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