Here is how VoIP changing the landscape of Retail Industry – From Customer Satisfaction to Delight!

The retail industry is no more driven by-products, it’s driven by customer satisfaction. That’s the new paradigm shift in this business, opined an industry expert. If a customer wants to buy a product, he/she can reach out to online shopping sites…if they want shopping experience they are visiting the retail chains. The human touch in this entire customer journey is critical.

In this scenario, to talk with your customers and weave an emotional connect with them, your retail store should bank on new age business communication technologies and the cloud-based VoIP telephone services fit the bill right there! This technology empowers your staff to keep in touch with the customers, improve customer experience and enhance the customer satisfaction

How cloud-based VoIP telephone services can bring in innovative difference to Retail Industry?

Here are the benefits:

State-of-the-art Call Management System

VoIP business phone is feature rich as it gives you access to one of its kind call management features like, call queuing and call recording, voicemail to email transcription etc., at minimal cost. These features help ensure a better customer call management and provide a platform for the sales team do meaningful conversations with the customers as the quality of voice is outstanding jarring the echoes and other disturbances. These conversations end up in producing customer delight.

Call Metrics – The Holy Grail

Hosted VoIP solutions help to figure out the entire call data, call details like…customer call timings, on which device they called, how long they are made to wait? How many became irate and disconnected the call prior to talking with the executive etc. These call metrics data can be analyzed & mined, which provide a huge basis to chalk out unique marketing and sales strategies for garnering high customer satisfaction spending very little on the automation and equipment.

The higher the outlets the lower the costs

No matter you retail chain has to cater to different customers in different countries, you need not pay for the calls to connect with the departments and stores across the outlets. The huge costs saved in this exercises can be diverted to the establishment of more outlets or invest the same in other ventures and acquisitions.

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