Cloud-Based VoIP Services: Smart Choice for Small and Medium Business

Smart Business VoIP Services: Why Cover Just Miles When You Can Cover Light Years?

The late Steve Jobs is now a Silicon Valley cult and if you have read about his life then chances are that you must have come across the word ‘Zen’.

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism and the central goal of this Buddhist practice is to realize the true nature of things and this includes businesses too!

One intrinsic part of the Zen Way is the Koans (riddles) which the disciples ponder upon to break the barrier of the mind and unleash true reality. Here’s an example of one Zen Koan…

A Zen student once asked his master, “How long will he need to practice for attaining enlightenment?”

The Master replied, “10 years my boy”.

The student again asked, “How about I work extremely hard, how long will it take then? ”.

The Master replied, “20 years my boy”.

What was the master trying to make the boy understand?

Success for enlightenment is not always about how many hours you put in, it is also about making equally smart choices and this is true for a small business phone system too. Cloud-Based VoIP Services is one smart choice that all small and medium businesses ought to make.

If you own a business and are still using that traditional, clunky and soon to be obsolete business phone service, it’s time you make a smart switch to Cloud-Based VoIP Services. Here are all the more reasons to make the move today.

Bidding adieu to Obsolete Hardware, Cables, and Support

Today the internet is everywhere and PSTN based business telephone systems no longer fit the needs of the 21st-century business.

In terms of both capacity and features, the small business VoIP by using internet infrastructure for telecommunications outruns traditional PSTN by not just miles but light years.

Plus unlike popular misconception that Cloud-based VoIP Service is only for large business environments, but small and medium businesses can also gain profits from VoIP services.

Unlike the parasitic old business telephone systems, Internet calling is synonymous to free calling these days, plus, the installation and maintenance on traditional phone lines and wiring are zero.

  • Zero installation cost
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Unlimited internet calling

For Smarter Business Mobility

One major roadblock that you will face as your business grows is the inability of the traditional business telephone systems to handle increased traffic along with negotiating the wave of incoming and outgoing information.

Traditional business phone service falls flat on their face during relocation or adding a new workplace. And let us remind you that smart business choices are more about taking decisions that solve not the present issues but also those that may hit you in the future.

Small business VoIP with its flexibility and mobility is a smart choice that you won’t be taking for your business alone but for your customers too.

VoIP offers features like voicemail, call forwarding, online faxing, conference calls, etc. so that business communication remains ineffective amidst escalating demands and pressures.

For Smarter Client Engagement

Client engagement is critical in today’s competitive business environment. However, small business owners are bombarded with business issues of all sizes and complexities and small business phone system is not technically aligned to serve all business and client engagement goals.

Client queries and demands can be both trivial and complex, VoIP features are sure to help businesses to respond to proposals, requests as well as keep track of engagements smoothly and efficiently.

For Smarter Customer Service

Consistent customer service is an important pillar of any business irrespective of its scale and size. Whether it’s about making your customers come back for more or increasing cash flows, customer service plays a paramount role in achieving key business objectives.

While a big organization can afford the time and costs required for setting up a stellar customer service department, dedicated customer service is one luxury that small and medium businesses cannot afford.

Small business VoIP helps fill these seemingly visible cracks in customer service more smartly and cost-effectively.

The XenVoice Way

If you own a small or medium business, well it’s time that you take the XenVoice Way, for what awaits you is a leading age business communication channel that aligns perfectly with your office and client’s needs.

For more details please feel free to contact us at

For now, let’s just read and bask on the depth of this Zen koan “Words are Fog and one has to see through.”

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