5 Ways How A VoIP Phone Service Can Simplify Your Office Move!

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Shifting to a new office space is an exciting news for the company, however, it can be a nightmare for those who are managing the relocation process.

A survey by E.ON found that relocating office premise is the second most stressful task that the business owners and managers have to deal with. And, this has forced a significant 78% of companies to delay the moving process.

Relocation is a daunting job. It requires a significant amount of preparation and planning for successful execution.

In most of the cases, moving the office to a new location is the time for growth for a business. So, the new facilities must meet the current and future needs of your company and colleagues.

At the same time, it is a critical and costly affair. Even a small mistake can result in discrepancies in your business operations. So, make sure you take utmost care to avoid any kind of mishaps.

One of the biggest challenges companies have to face is transferring the business phone system. You must keep your phones up and running to make sure that it doesn’t impact your current business process.

If you compare with the age-old landlines, a VoIP phone is much more convenient when it comes to relocation. Let’s see, how a VoIP phone service can simplify your job of moving to a new office.

Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers

Your phone number is your business identity. You might have used it in different marketing materials like print ads, visiting cards, website, and many other places. So, it is not a good decision to change the existing number.

However, if you’re moving from the existing area then keeping the same number may not be possible. VoIP can eradicate this problem. With number porting facility you can retain your current business numbers, no matter where you’re shifting.

Your existing numbers will be rerouted to the new VoIP phone service without any kind of disturbances. The customer will not even know that you’re moving your office and the business phone system. This way neither you have to lose the existing customers, nor the future prospects.

Start Immediately with a VoIP Phone Service

Your customers don’t expect any downtime due to the non-functional phone system. By the time the telephones become functional, your business can go to the competitors.

If you’re using the age-old landlines, you might know that the physical phone lines need to be disconnected and transferred to the new location. This switching process may take from a day to a whole week to complete. Also, you need to wait for the phone technician to come and sort things for you.

But with a cloud phone system, you can save this time and avoid the hassle. A VoIP phone service enables you to just plug n play and get started. You can simply connect your VoIP phone to your network and start receiving and making business calls immediately.

Minimize the Cost of Transferring

When it comes to moving office spaces, the traditional phone system has many limitations. And the huge cost associated with the transfer process is the most important one. You must have set a budget for your relocation project.

However, sticking to your budget is challenging as it may surpass for many reasons like unexpected issues and delays, hidden costs etc. A VoIP phone service can relax you by making the transfer process easy and cost-effective.

You’ll also get several handy features included, for which you might have to pay extra in case of traditional telephones. This helps you to gain overhead and use the same for other transition activities. Also, consider opting for a tiered pricing plan so that you just pay for what you use and can scale up as and when your business booms.

Retain Your Top Employees

Relocation is not always possible for your employees. It may be due to family issues, longer commute time or other such constraints. As a result, they may sometimes opt to resign instead of relocating. So, moving to a new office location might lead to losing out on some of your top talents.

VoIP phone service can ease this pain by offering mobility to your employees. They can receive and make calls from anywhere in the world, provided they’re connected to a strong internet connection. Not only it retains your top employees by offering flexibility, but it also benefits you by increasing employee productivity to a great extent.

Features like mobile app, browser calling, multiple channel integration etc. can enable you to make the business communication process more prompt and effective. Also, with extensions and easy forwarding, you can still work as a team irrespective of the physical locations of your employees.

Create Greetings & Voicemail Messages

You might already have some greetings mentioning your physical office location. This may include your branch addresses, location direction, regional information and many such. Review the current voicemail greetings and create new greetings and voicemail messages in your VoIP phone service with the changed details.

Also, some of your employees might have their personal business voicemail greetings. Make sure to ask them to check and update their voicemail messages with the new details. Also, save time by creating new users and assign them with voicemail access before making the move.

Wrapping Up

Moving office space is a stressful period for any company. From office interior to furniture and equipment, IT and data to telephones and computer systems, legal obligations to everyday utility services – you need to take care of many things.

Even a small mistake can cause harmful disruptions like wasting company resources, reducing employee productivity, damaging relationships with the existing customers, losing out on new business opportunities and so on.

However, when you opt for a VoIP phone service you’re sorted at least in one area. It can take the stress out by eliminating the hassle and consequences of transferring your phones physically.

Though planning and execution are two different things, they are actually interdependent. Create an effective plan and make sure that it is executed without any delay. Go for a cloud phone system and make the relocation process a successful move towards your business growth.

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  1. Michael Lee said:

    At work, we are preparing to move offices in the next month. I agree that having business voice services can make the migration to a new office easier since the phones will not be offline or need to be transferred by technicians. I’ll have to make sure my boss knows this, I know that disconnecting the phones is something that he has been worried about.

    January 22, 2019

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