Business Calling Tips for Managers | Calling Etiquettes

Because it may be more beneficial to communicate with someone by adopting more modern technology, such as mail or text messaging or even video conferencing, the phone is still a more personal means of contact.

Although the other person cannot see your face, your voice can, however, communicate a feeling of professionalism and authority. To support you make the most compelling business call feasible, following a few basic steps can be of help.

Greet correctly:

Begin your conversation with a polite greeting. Do not greet the receiver with “Good afternoon” or “Good morning”. That is because of the time zones! If you do not suppose clients from different time zones to have a business call, then there is a chance that you may do this.

However, it is advisable to just say “Hello”. Also, avoid using “Sir” or “Mam”. This is because firstly you may not be able to determine if you are speaking to a man, woman or even a child. Some male receiver can be put off if you call them “Mam”, only because they sound feminine on the phone. The same goes for women.

Confirm your and client’s details

To make sure that you are talking to the concerned person, you need to know their name. However, directly asking the name may sound rude. So, start with introducing your name and designation, then go on with the purpose regarding business calls. After all this, you can politely ask for the receivers name and location. This is professional, also, he requires asking the client his name, and consequently, it is suitable he introduces his first. The receiver also needs that contact on a first name basis. Naturally, only your first name is required when taking business calls.

Determine the purpose of the business call

If you have set up a call with some client then understand in advance the reason you are business calling and your plan to convey the same.

Don’t for a business call

  • Do not ask for huge support unless you have a steady relationship.
  • Do not expect that you will only talk to the person once and never after this.

If you develop a healthy long-term contact through persistence, patience, and mutuality there will be many more opportunities. So, by total means, have an “ask” but remain sure that you make it: simple, simple for them to complete and of a restricted number — optionally one support.

Stick to your timing

“Time is money.” A person’s time is remarkably significant when it comes to being professional. Priorly plan the details and all the discussions. Stick to your designated time or maybe even less. However, try to avoid making the call longer than the designated time or extending it further. The person on the line may have certain commitments further, be it professionally or personally. Plan things accordingly and finish your call at the proper time.

By developing this business calling tips, you can make each business call count. Being ready, helpful and friendly will benefit you close deals, personify the follow-ups and accelerate your workflow.

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