Shed the Freelancer avatar – Become an Entrepreneur adopting VoIP Business Phone

You are a young and flamboyant freelancer. You always want to be your own boss. You play with your out-of-the-box thoughts. You are passionate to illustrate your ideas to a global clientele. Your biggest challenge – to break the comfort zone. You estimate that accomplishing this task would cost a bomb. You are scared of the logistical nightmares. You regret & stick to being the good old freelancer. But now…you don’t have to!

Cloud-Based VoIP Telephone Services helps you evolve

With Cloud-Based VoIP Technologies, expanding your freelance business into a robust company is a reality. The intuitive design and its customizable features make VoIP Business phone to attract the best talent across the globe in a jiffy! The surge in the VoIP residential telephones in the US says it all (Exhibit I). From 24% in 2010, it has surged to 76% by 2018. This equation of connecting ensures that you can attract many a resource to your virtual company and become a successful entrepreneur.

Exhibit I: VoIP residential and business telephone lines in the United States from 2010 to 2018 (in millions)

The future is in calling

According to Forbes, nearly 36% of the U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers, by 2027, it is estimated that freelancers would outnumber non-freelancers. Given this scenario, it’s imperative to leverage the services of hosted VoIP solutions to collate & optimally use this talent pool.

This VoIP phone system enables freelancers to set up professional greetings, designate extensions and with the voicemail transcription option, ensures that they can’t afford to miss any important information (as voicemail is sent directly to respective emails). Advantages of cloud system are that the settings are easily accessible which beat all the installation costs

Scaling new heights is easy

The VoIP business phone system is flexible to adapt to your growing business trends. It’s economical and very easy to add new lines, numbers, and features. Your customers can reach you out without long distance call costs whenever your business steps into new horizons. It doesn’t matter whether you are physically present in your office or not, all the calls can be routed to your virtual office instantly.

With all the features of cloud-based VoIP, as a freelancer, you can break the clutter, stand out from the crowd. You can create a virtual office with multiple departments where your folks would be executing various operations, moderating calls and accomplishing different tasks across the globe only to see that you grow leaps and bounds as a successful entrepreneur.

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