5 Types of VoIP Phones that You Can Use for Your Business

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So, you are thinking to upgrade to the VoIP phone system for your regular business conversations. The next thing that will come to your mind might be the type of calling device that you should choose.

Different types of VoIP phones are available in the market and everyone serves a different purpose. Businesses have varying needs. So, the VoIP phone you use, must be capable of meeting that particular need of your business.

Below are 5 types of VoIP phones that will enable you to perform different actions of your business.

SIP Desk Phones

SIP enabled desk phones look similar to the regular desk phones. You can connect your desk phones to the cloud platform of your VoIP provider through SIP provisioning.

Generally, they have few programmable buttons to operate functions like hold, transfer, conference etc. You will also find the speaker, microphone and LCD screen for audio and display purpose.

Wireless IP Phones

They function just like the SIP desk phones but with an added advantage of mobility. It allows you to continue with your conversation while moving from one location to another.

This type of VoIP phones has a built-in Wi-Fi transceiver unit that connects to a base location. You can connect a wireless IP phone to any Wi-Fi hotspot and immediately get started.


Softphones are software applications that can be installed in your computer or mobile allowing you to make and receive calls from those devices. They allow you to execute business communication without any kind of VoIP hardware.

Smartphones and tablets already have speakers/ microphones to execute audio calls. However, you might need audio headsets for your laptop or PC.

Softphones are mainly preferred for the flexibility they offer. These are also the most inexpensive type of VoIP phones. Business phone service providers like XenVoice offers dedicated mobile apps for different operating systems.

Video Phones

Many a times, face to face conversation with your customers are needed for your business growth.  However, distance being a barrier, it is not always possible. Video phones serve the need of face to face meetings and allow you to be in touch with your far away customers.

Generally, a small camera is attached to the VoIP business phone, which allow you to capture videos. You can see your customers and give presentations like you would have given in case of physical presence.

Conference Phones

Conferencing is a significant part of your business as it enable you to remain connected with your clients. Conference phones are used in large offices and conference rooms and offer communication between multiple people at the same time.

VoIP conference phones are similar to the regular ones. They allow you to add numerous party members through Conference Bridge. All the parties involved can easily connect and make large conference calls.


We have shared all the common types of VoIP business phones that you can use for your regular conversations. More expensive ones have better quality hardware to provide superior call quality and last longer. However, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one to use the cloud phone services. Understand your business needs and choose the right VoIP phone within your budget.

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