5 Myths About Hosted Phone Services That Need to be Busted!

The VoIP telephony system has clear benefits over the traditional phone service. However, many companies are still hesitant towards adopting VoIP for business. So what’s stopping them taking the right decision?

People possess various misconceptions about VoIP phone solutions and that is overshadowing the many advantages it has to offer. Let’s see some common hosted phone services myths that are the main reasons behind people’s resistance towards VoIP.

Myth 1: Quality of Calls will get Sacrificed

This is the biggest myths of all. And the blame must go to the home VoIP services for offering poor quality of calls at times. However, the situation is different for business phone systems. Enterprise grade platform and internet connection is far more superior to the consumer grade ones. With high-end internet speed, cloud telephony can offer far better quality than your traditional phones.

Hosted voice networks can be configured for optimum voice quality by prioritizing voice over data. Also, many hosted VoIP services companies are partnering with industry tech experts, resulting in crystal clear clarity of voice and conference and calls. We can say that, the VoIP phone calls are as good as (sometimes better than) the landline connections.

Myth 2: When Internet is Down, Phones are also Down

This is a very common hosted phone services myth among people. In fact, one of the best features of cloud phone is that, it won’t go down with your internet connection. Though VoIP phone system depends on internet, but your hosted VoIP service will keep on answering and taking calls even if you are offline.

The system automatically reroutes the calls to your preferred destination like your mobile phone. Your voicemails will also keep working as everything is stored in the cloud. Your callers will not even know that you had any such issue.

Myth 3: Cloud Phones are Not Secure

Hosted phone service providers follow strict security measures to protect your phone system from potential security threats. They deploy advanced firewall protection and encrypt voice packets to provide top-notch security.

Hosted PBX services also employ continuous system monitoring for preventing any possible interruption during calls. So, moving to cloud telephony actually help you to have safer business conversations.

Myth 4: Control over Phone System will be Lost

Moving out of your old phone system doesn’t mean that you won’t have the control. In fact, a hosted phone service offers better control over your business communication system.

Admins will be provided with all the necessary tools to manage their cloud communication system properly.  You can do all the modifications to your phone network with just a simple click of mouse.

Myth 5: Hosted Phone Service Costs High

Many people tend to stick to their on-premise business phone systems, as they think cloud based phone services are expensive. However, the fact is moving to hosted VoIP phone system is actually economical. The main reason being, there is no need of capital expenditure for bringing the system in place.

With hosted PBX services, you don’t need to spend on support staff for ongoing maintenance issues. Also, added features like voicemails, call logs, music on hold and many such come absolutely free of cost.


Don’t let the wrong information stop you from taking advantage of this new age business phone system. Switch to hosted phone service today to get a competitive edge over others in your field.

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  1. Braden Martin said:

    Informative post! Most people forget that hosted phone systems are the most preferable option especially for the fact that they are flexible and work in optimal condition independent of internet connectivity.

    November 13, 2018

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