4 Ways How Cloud Phone System Can Increase Employee Productivity

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There are many ways to increase the overall profit of a business. And increasing employee productivity is one among them.

When employee productivity is increased, all the workplace resources are utilized in a more effective way. Thus helping the business to achieve maximum revenue with better customer relations.

Phone is the lifeline of any business. And by opting for a new age business phone system like XenVoice, you ensure that the employees perform more efficiently in the workplace.

As per the statistics shared by HorborNetworks, the ability to virtually work from anywhere has enabled business VoIP solutions to help increase employee productivity by nearly 20%.

So, let’s see how moving to a cloud phone system can increase the productivity of your employees.

Better Accessibility

The best feature of a VoIP phone system is the accessibility it offers to the business information. It increases mobility of the employees while allowing them to carry business conversations from anywhere in the world.

Whether your employees are working from home or are travelling for business, the cloud phone system ensures that they have a constant access to all the information they need. With this constant accessibility, employees can reach the clients anytime and from anywhere and vice versa.

Improved Customer Relations

Every customer expects that you’ll lift the phone, whenever they call you. Companies like XenVoice offers multiple channel feature with which you can receive notifications for all the incoming calls in your preferred channel. So, no important business call is ever missed.

Also, choosing VoIP for business can help the employees address customer issues upfront rather than promising to call them back after investigating the whole issue. This helps to improve relations with your customers.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration has proven benefits of increasing employee productivity to a great extent. And cloud phone system can facilitate office collaboration.

Organizations don’t have to pay for collaboration services as individuals can connect over the same network. So, different departments of a company can now connect to each other without having to use a separate service.

Reduced Cost

One of the major advantages of VoIP is cost reduction. Using a cloud phone system helps to remove costs related to initial infrastructure, ongoing maintenance and the huge bill of your business phone system.

When you save money on this unnecessary expenditures, you can better utilize it to increase the efficiency of your business process. You can buy new software or even pay your employees better and hence motivating them to work more efficiently.


These are the many ways how businesses can increase employee productivity with cloud phone system.

Many businesses may feel reluctant to choose VoIP phone system due to the myths around. However, if you’re not taking the advantage of this new age business phone system, you’re losing out on the ability to get the competitive edge over others.

Don’t be left behind, use VoIP for business to unleash the true potential of your employees and take your business to the next level.

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