A 21st Century Telephony for a 21st Century Business

The VoIP services offer companies a much more cost-effective and compliant telephone service for the 21st century than a traditional telephone line.

The most advanced technology in the market today (for business communication) is coming right out of the VoIP and virtual business phone systems. VoIP telephony allows you to make a call from anywhere using a smartphone, computer, a tab, a VoIP phone or any other data-driven device.

Let us examine what a VoIP number is and how you can get the best one. We will also consider how to get VoIP services started with XenVoice, which is the most affordable VoIP service provider.  A VoIP number can also save you on operational costs than traditional landlines cannot.

What is a VoIP number?

A VoIP phone number is an extension number, which is used to direct calls to the user’s present business phone number or numbers. VoIP phone numbers are usually used to facilitate long distance service without incurring long distance charges in IP telephony and for call forwarding services.

Get the best service provider without changing your number:

XenVoice is no doubt the most genuine and the most affordable VoIP service provider of all the providers in the US market. XenVoice has tiered pricing which will give you the most affordable rates for the services you use. This follows a plan where you pay as you go.

Free number porting which is nowhere found, is being provided by XenVoice. This means that you keep your number, change our service provider, and get benefit from the XenVoice tiered pricing plan.

VoIP- a 21st-century phone

VoIP will render your business with far higher compliance and mobility. With VoIP, calls are directed over internet protocol networks, sometimes using the application solely, and other times using both hardware and software (depending upon the transmission). Although, keep in mind that calls are routed using the internet, so if your internet shuts down, so does your VoIP service. Despite so, the many benefits of VoIP systems exceedingly surpass that risk.

By using VoIP systems, you typically can make and receive unlimited phone calls (which include international calling, in most cases), plan conference calls or meetings, forward calls to your business phone or home phone, receive (and save) messages in different digital formats, direct calls on the go, send and receive online faxes, and much more.

The big news is that if you are willing for this change in your business then VoIP services from XenVoice is what you have been looking for.

A VoIP telephony comes with a host of advantages over the traditional landline. Here are a few of them:

Cost Saving:

By using SIP provisioning, connect your business phones over the data network and get rid of the ISDN charges. This way you can curtail costs on your international calling as well.


With the limited equipment required to work, a VoIP telephony system does not need any setup or any infrastructure.

For instance, if you relocate to a bigger office, you will not require to pack up any lines and cables — once your computers and internet are set up, your phone system will be live and working with them.

Work remotely:

Unlike a conventional extension line, hosted VoIP is not associated with just one phone. Its connection to the Internet indicates that your number works wherever you go — you could even own more than one business phone receiving calls for the same number.

Look professional:

Impress your callers by the IVR feature in the VoIP technology. This can provide the impression of a larger and more professional workforce, even if it is only two employees in the office.

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