10 Reasons Startups Love VoIP

Looking for telephony which could be reliable and in your budget? XenVoice is the one.

As startups usually favor a VoIP telephony for the connectivity they need and on which it could rely on. A VoIP telephony is a turning point for startups. This will help them to accomplish the desired goals and make routine tasks easier.

Here are the reasons that startups and SMEs would love VoIP and are readily willing to adopt it as their communication system.

  • Ideal for business launch:

When you start a small business you are not really sure of the expenses and how smoothly it will run, but with a VoIP telephony, you will be sure that your business communications are set right. XenVoice gives you the best balance of features, cost and customer service.

  • Prompt connectivity:

Connect to your departments and teams within no time. This enhances your availability to your staff internally and to your customers externally. As this ensures productivity, you will unquestionably reach new heights in your business.

  • Future proof:

As VoIP uses cloud technology and the internet for its working, this makes it future proof. The VoIP telephony will be continued in the future and will keep on updating with new features to serve the users better.

  • No equipment needed:

VoIP telephony runs on cloud and transmits the voice over the internet protocol. This process turns the audio signals to digital data and transfers it over the internet. The process involved here doesn’t require any additional equipment and can be done over the internet of reasonable speed. The only requirements here can to a phone with reliable internet connectivity.

  • No set-up cost:

As there is no major equipment involved, the setup hardly takes any cost. You only need to install the application or use the browser to register and start calling using the XenVoice VoIP services.

  • Trial pack to decide:

XenVoice offers a free trial pack to let the users try before opting for the service. This gives the users the surety as they can opt in or out depending on their business requirements and standards.

  • User-friendly:

The VoIP telephony is easy to use as it doesn’t really need any technical knowledge or guidance for its usage. As the application of XenVoice is designed as per the user’s ease, you can use it without any discomfort.

  • Affordable:

XenVoice’s tiered pricing is the most accepted pricing policy as it gives the user the freedom to choose a plan to play as and when he uses. This pay as you go policy will make

  • Connect globally:

Connect to your team on a global platform. VoIP telephony helps contacting freelancers and other employees who are not at the office location. This eases the managers to work closely and assist the whole team without any connectivity issues.

  • Mobility:

Despite the geographic area, VoIP telephony enables users to access their business phone numbers from anywhere- even from remote areas. In actual fact, the users can take their IP phones with them, wherever they go. This provides them the mobility they look for in this competing world.

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