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Business Communication Exemplified

Efficient communication is paramount for businesses to thrive. Does your business communication system add ease and efficiency in your overall process? If not, it is time you shift to the new age communication system - "XenVoice".

Streamline your basic customer interactions with IVR. XenVoice VoIP enabled device makes it possible to have Interactive Voice Response functionality to help you channelize your incoming calls. Read More

Do you love XenVoice features, but still want to hang on to your number from a previous service provider? Port your number to XenVoice and experience the new age business communication. Read More

XenVoice provides you with the flexibility of unlimited extensions. Enjoy the freedom to add, delete, and modify unlimited extensions with an additional cost. Read More

Enjoy uninterrupted communication – communicate with your employees, colleagues or friends, though they are on a different channel using our robust application. Read More

Why move away from your browser to make or receive a phone call? Now make and receive high quality voice calls using XenVoice browser based calling service. Read More

Integrate our services to make and receive calls through your desk phones by SIP provisioning. It’s simple and free, no need of a technician to enable it. Read More

You can now receive and send text messages to and from your PC or Smartphone and send messages to an individual or a group of people. Read More

Transform the way you operate your business communication system with our Hosted PBX. Save time, large investments, and training, with the cloud based PBX system accessible right from your IP network. Read More

Are you worried about handling your calls when busy? We have a solution! Our voicemail helps the caller record a message which you can attend later. Additionally, a unique feature from XenVoice is to record your own custom greetings for your callers. Read More

What makes us unique?

Ease of integrate, progressive technology, and a simple interface is what makes us stand apart from the rest. We offer the most sophisticated VoIP system that is simple to operate. Our development team is constantly working to come up with new and interesting features to give you the best in communication. Here is just a glimpse of what you can expect from us.

Tiered Pricing

Looking for transparent pricing? XenVoice has got you covered. It is observed that over 80% of unlimited calling plans go unused, and this prompted XenVoice to come up with Transparent & Tiered Pricing which is highly cost effective.

Choose from our transparent pricing plans and drive home the XenVoice advantage. Experience the ease of buying numbers, adding users, roles, extensions, channels, and more.


Multiple Channels

Integrate multiple communication channels for faster interactions with your potential customers. Communicate from different channels like Skype, Slack, WhatsApp or your web browser. Our unique "Notification" feature also lets you receive alerts for all the incoming calls and messages.

XenVoice interface is as simple as it can get, anyone with basic web or application knowledge can handle it with ease. Now, receive and make calls from your desk phone, PC, or mobile phone, as per your convenience.

Post Call Events

Keep a complete track of all your messages and call logs from your preferred platform. Our “Post Call Events” feature allows you to get a deep insight on all the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and take informed marketing decisions based on data.

Users can view a detailed summary of completed calls, missed calls, voicemails and disconnected calls along with sent and received messages. Track all your call data in 1000+ apps like Zendesk, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Dropbox and many others connected through Zapier and get a complete idea on how every minute is used.


About XenVoice

XenVoice is a brainchild of a young and dynamic team of professionals. The XenVoice team presents you with a progressive business communication system equipped to embrace expansion.

Organizations have invested millions of dollars in VoIP telephony and PBX systems in the past. XenVoice comes with a state of the art technology for businesses looking for something which is cost effective and efficient at the same time.

XenVoice is designed with advanced technology to make VoIP communication easy and affordable. The users can integrate XenVoice with an existing IP telephony. XenVoice is the most comprehensive new age business communication system that integrates your entire range of business communication.

An advanced cloud based business communication system provides instant access to calls, texts, fax, and so on. But is this it? Not really! Our team is working on some of the most exciting additions which will be implemented progressively.


XenVoice is one of the best VoIP service providers in USA who offers high quality cloud based phone services at a very reasonable cost. Now, make your desktop or mobile phone a multi-functionality business phone system with just a few clicks.

The phone system is crucial for your business communication. So, take your time before moving your existing business phone system to the new age VoIP solution. Understand your current needs and budget to find the best VoIP phone service for your business.

Browser Calling, SIP Provisioning, Number porting, Multiple Channel Integration, Voicemails and Unlimited Extensions are some of the features of XenVoice cloud phone system. However, our business VoIP plans will not burn a hole in your pocket. With a tiered pricing plan, you can start at a very basic rate of $4.99/month and scale up as per your business needs.

You can also get notifications for incoming calls in your preferred channels like Skype, Slack and WhatsApp with multiple channel integration. It ensures that you don’t miss any important business call even if you’re at home or travelling outdoors.

Now, make and receive important business calls/ messages directly from your browser or mobile phone. Reap the benefits of VoIP phone system and take your business to the next level.

VoIP phones have clear advantage over traditional telephony. However, many companies are still not sure about implementing a VoIP phone system. There are many myths around cloud phone services like low quality of calls, less security, high cost etc. However, you must understand that they’re not at all true.

Opting VoIP for business can help you to cut down on your phone bills significantly. With an internet phone service, you can eliminate the cost of infrastructure and maintenance, choose a pay as you go plan and use mobile apps for your voice over IP service to reduce phone bills.

VoIP phone services offer better accessibility, enhanced collaboration, reduced cost and improved customer relations. That means you can execute your business more efficiently by improving employee productivity. So, if you want to boost employee productivity and hence overall profit of your business, you must go for a business VoIP service.

However, choosing the best VoIP service for business isn’t simple. You must analyze the important factors like scalability, customer support, pricing & plans etc. Also, there are many types of VoIP phones available in the market and everyone serves a different need. Make sure that, the voice over IP phone system you choose meets the particular requirements of your business.

Understand your business needs and list down what you want from your business VoIP phone service. Spend significant time before moving to cloud telephony and choose the best VoIP provider as per your needs.

Plans Pricing
First 200 Minutes / Messages / Notifications


Next 201 - 500 Minutes / Messages / Notifications


Unlimited Minutes / Messages / Notifications


  • * Subject to Fair Usage Policy. Each Text Message / Notification is billed as 1 minute. Price is per Number/Extension per Month

About Us

We are a team of energetic souls working our hearts out to enhance business communication systems across all platforms. Working closely with our goal to help our clients (USA & Canada) enhance their business communication, our technical team is consistently working to make the best possible use of latest technology. We have a strong feedback mechanism which helps us understand our clients' specific requirements better and develop efficient solutions for them. Our continuous drive to provide the most efficient VoIP service is what sets us apart from the rest.

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XenVoice provides businesses with an unlimited number of extensions. Every employee located locally or distributed across office locations in the United States and Canada can be provided with a number and/or an extension.

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Our customer support team is always ready to hear from you. Do you have any queries on VoIP integration? Or, are you planning to revamp your business communication system? Regardless of what queries you have on XenVoice, be rest assured that you have our complete attention.