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Key Features

A right choice makes a lot of difference. We committed to helping our clients in maximizing their productivity by providing cutting-edge browser-based communication solutions.


The feature helps in integrating VoIP with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and saves a huge chunk of businesses as it performs basic customer interactions.

Number Porting

Carry your number with you! No need to get a new number, use your current number to the new VoIP connection as we offer Number Porting. Add new features to your old number.

Unlimited Extensions

Get unlimited amount of extensions at no extra charge and utilize the feature in a number of ways. Forward calls to multiple locations using custom settings.

Access Multiple Channels

Enjoy uninterrupted communication – communicate with your employees, colleagues or friends though they are on a different channel using our robust application.

Browser Call

Now make high-quality voice calls at lowest price using XenVoice’s browser-based calling service in which calls are received and sent over the Internet.

SIP Provisioning

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the virtual connection that utilizes the Internet connection to make calls to any phone on the Public Switched Telephone Network.

Text Messaging

You can now receive and send text messages to and from your PC or Smartphone and you can send messages to an individual or a group of people.

Hosted PBX

Our PBX solution incorporate business communication and collaboration options that completely transform the way you operate your business phone system.


Each number links to the mailbox, so when the number is busy or unanswered, the caller listens to a custom message giving instruction to the caller to leave a voice message.

Why Choose XenVoice

Though there exist many reasons and advantages, following are the top three reasons to choose XenVoice over other providers

Stay Connected

Stay productive, never miss a call or text as XenVoice lets you call and text through multiple channels such as Skype, Slack, and Browser. We extend to Telegram & Facebook Messenger in nearby future.

Tiered Pricing

Did you know? Over 80% of unlimited calling plans go unused. So we come up with Tiered Pricing to cut-down huge costs to our users – Now, pay for the time you talk.

Communication Redefined

Free your business from geographic borders using our global workforce and stay connected with employees and clients as your business grows. Efficiently integrate your entire business communication system.

About XenVoice

XenVoice offers a new age business communication system that integrates entire business communication in an efficient yet cost-effective way.

Majority of businesses use at least one popular messenger. Now make and receive calls or messages within multiple channels.

Enjoy world-class Voice and Text Messaging service at low-costs using ‘Tiered Pricing’ that starts at as low as $4.99/month.

Connect your business through VoIP enabled services and shrink the borders by connecting your global workforce with ease.

XenVoice comprises a much broader range of features that includes IVR, Phone Provisioning, Voice mail, Number Porting, Unlimited Extensions and more. We are constantly innovating the platform with new features that help our clientele business in getting more productivity.

Our Pricing

Pay as you go. No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Minutes per month Pricing
First 200 Minutes


Next 201 - 500 Minutes


Above 500 Minutes


  • * Subject to Fair Usage Policy of 2000 minutes. Each Text Message is billed as 1 minute. Price is per Number/Extension per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the questions that frequently asked by the users. Still, if you’ve any question after reading the section, kindly drop your question on the contact page.

Value for your Money

We know, customers always look and expect for an overall value for their money and seek more value if the price is higher. Pleased to inform that we constantly strive to offer high-quality service at a low cost as we are in the market to maintain a long-lasting association. Our pricing is based upon multiple subscription plans that are very lower when compared with the industry standards.

XenVoice is much less expensive than traditional phone service. It is also far more versatile than analog telephony with multiple features such as IVR, Voicemail, Number Porting, Phone Provisioning and much more.

Yes. XenVoice offer seven-day free trial under which users can make limited out-going calls for free.

XenVoice allows customers to set up and arrange payments for their account through either a credit or debit card online. You can also track payments, see statements and manage the features and services you’re signed up for. XenVoice has several different pricing plans to fit your business. Selecting the correct one for you depends on your level of usage, number of users and other factors. Use the XenVoice customer portal to access real-time billing and call reports, including billing cycle, Invoice, and charges for each call.

Yes. Please contact our customer support at We also assist through live chat

As many phone numbers as your business required and make or receive calls to the new number within no time.

Yes, our service will allow you to forward calls to your mobile device or any other phone number.

Our system allows you to set up custom voice menus that recognize telephone pad inputs or DTMF tones. This way, incoming calls go to the right department or extension. You might also hear IVR referred to as an automated attendant, voice menu, or phone tree.

When you switch your business phone system to XenVoice, you’ll be replacing your outdated equipment with the state-of-the-art technologies.

Security and Reliability are Built-in

XenVoice protects your communications over the entire transmission journey. Each and every communication travels through the layers of authentication, connecting directly to established carrier lines.

Get Started Now

XenVoice provides businesses with an unlimited number of extensions. Every employee located locally or distributed across office locations in the United States can be provided with an extension.

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