Cloud Phone System

Unified Communication

Any method, any device, any location - Now with Xenvoice

Xenvoice Unified Communication is an integration of various communication services with current communication tools that works as a unified user-interface across multiple devices. Our unified communication platform integrates multiple communication channels such as voice calls, instant messaging, virtual meeting, email, fax, voicemail, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a unified business environment. This can be accessed across diverse devices, platforms and networks. It also helps access unified messaging and multimedia services with Real-time communication and transactions. In short, with Xenvoice unified communications you can have access to all your communications in one convenient platform.

Xenvoice Virtual Office

Experience the power of voice in the cloud - Anywhere, Anytime, Any device

Xenvoice virtual office provides you the capability to communicate when you want, where you want, and how you want. Whether you are in the office or outside, you can always stay connected with your associates or clients. Xenvoice virtual office facilitates you to take your calls, meetings, conferences, and more with you wherever you are.

Cloud Phone System

Hosted PBX

Irrespective of the size of your company, Xenvoice provides you a corporate-class business phone system. With its Hosted PBX, your business can eliminate the high costs associated with set-up and maintenance of expensive on-premise PBX systems. It also eliminates the hassle of hosting wires and switches at the office. Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses VoIP or Internet rather than using traditional landlines. Xenvoice Hosted PBX puts everything in the cloud, making it easier and flexible to manage setup, preferences, settings, extensions, or upgrades. We deliver innovative features and offer customizations in order to meet varied demands of businesses.

You are ready with just five simple steps...

1Pick a number
Get a Toll Free number to enhance your national presence or a Local Number to establish your local image.
2Record Greetings
Record customized greetings yourself or use our voice studio; Choose from several voice talents. You can create custom greetings for specific events including holidays and events.
3Create Extensions
You can create extensions to every member in your team or the way you prefer. You can create unlimited extensions of your choice from IP Phone Extension, Mobile Extension, or Virtual Extension.
4Create Call Rules
We allow you to customize answering rules, and manage after-hours rules to route calls to voicemail or any other number.
5You are Ready
Enjoy all the benefits of business phone services

Unlimited Extensions

Cloud Phone System

Xenvoice provides businesses with unlimited number of extensions. Every employee located locally or distributed across office locations in the United States can be provided with an extension.

Xenvoice offers three types of extensions:
• Virtual Extensions
• Soft Phone / Mobile Extensions
• IP Phone Extensions

Xenvoice virtual extension is an extension number that is not assigned to any particular physical device but can be assigned to an employee, department, or office. The dedicated virtual extension number can be defined by call rules such as the desired phone number for which calls have to be routed, the type of calls to be routed etc. Individuals can select the routing to any phone device of their choice of any type and located anywhere. Virtual extension facilitates home office or remote employees to communicate on-the-go without the need for extra hardware or system configuration.

Virtually, for callers there is no difference in call experience. They dial to the business number or extension; they hear the custom greeting and the call is routed to an employee’s desired number defined in virtual extension rules.
Softphone facilitates you to make calls over the internet through software. Our Softphone extension facilitates you to communicate easily by delivering the voice information over a computer or Smartphone or tablet. You can use any of these devices as an extension and access your call logs and address book. You can receive and make calls from softphone which are routed through Xenvoice network. In addition, outgoing calls will make use of your caller ID automatically rather than personal phone number. Software used for Softphones is inexpensive and can be easily upgraded relieving you from the burden of maintaining expensive hardware.
IP phone system allows businesses to extend their services beyond the barriers of location. IP phones can be utilized initially by registration of their unique IP address. The IP address is to be allocated by the system for every plugin of an IP phone. You can locate the phone system and start receiving the calls at the specific extension number of your system only if IP phone is connected to the internet. In addition, multiple devices can be connected on one extension by registering three unique IP addresses in order to connect a call. Xenvoice IP phone facilitates you to seamlessly integrate to connect any phone that is located anywhere.

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Cloud Phone System