Unleash the Power of Next Generation Cloud Phone System With Xenvoice

Posted on january 08 2015

Cloud PBX Phone SystemXenvoice is happy to announce the official launch of its cloud-based phone system. Exploring several features such as affordability, scalability and reliability through cloud communication is never easy. Xenvoice makes it a reality with the consideration of premium quality standards and with the inclusion of numerous factors in a cost-effective manner. Getting the best of both worlds from IP telephony and PBX system is always a challenging task. The introduction of cloud-based communication system by Xenvoice reflects exactly the same without compromising with the existing communication standards. Hosted IP phone system with the consideration of advanced features at affordable costs is best reflected in this regard providing customers with the ultimate voice quality during calls.

Xenvoice - Filling the Void in the Cloud Phone Industry with its User Friendly Pricing

Xenvoice provides myriad business phone features with affordable charges. Though there are major players already in the cloud communication sector with sizeable client base to their credit, there are still certain finer aspects that need to be addressed. User friendly plans such as “Pay-per-Use” instead of “Pay-per-User” is one among them. Affordable pricing structure reflected is something that is never or rarely offered by any firm in the communications field. Easy-to-use services introduced with uncompromising features will help in realizing optimum benefits always.

Diversified Solutions at a Glance

Xenvoice understands the varying needs of customers in such a way that exact services are offered to them whenever needed the most. Given below are the few communication services that are part of the Xenvoice offering:

Xenvoice guarantees a bundle of features that are very easy-to-use and are robust. Given below are the some of the features available for our customers in a nutshell:

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Unleash the Power of Next Generation Cloud Phone System With Xenvoice

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